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Edwin Rojas Stays on Top of Business With RingCentral


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RingCentral Superfan Edwin Rojas, the founder and president of Rojas Talent Group, has always loved entertainment. His career as a performer started when he was 10, and he worked as a magician on cruise ships during college (while pursuing studies in business and marketing).

It was only natural, then, that Edwin would stay in the cruise industry after he received his degree. He spent several more years on ships, working his way up to positions of greater responsibility, before joining the corporate office of Holland America (and later Celebrity Cruises) as a talent buyer.

While Edwin was happy to be working with performers, he missed the element of pitching his talents that had come with being a sole proprietor. “The joy was hunting and getting the job – that was the best part,” he tells us.

So in 2009, Edwin launched his own talent agency. While it was challenging to start a company in the face of the Great Recession, Edwin refused to let the economic climate dictate the terms of his success.

“I was knocking on a million doors, on the phone all day, attending trade shows, even speaking to people at my local chamber of commerce,” he remembers. “My goal was to meet and greet everybody.”

Given that reaching out to potential customers and partners was a priority, Edwin knew he’d need a world-class business phone system. He was drawn to RingCentral, which offered both an impressive mobile experience and a softphone that would let him manage calls in real-time, so he signed up for a 30-day trial.

Edwin became familiar with RingCentral’s feature set almost immediately. And when he found himself on the road – either recruiting performers or producing shows – RingCentral enabled him to stay on top of his business.

“I can live in hotels for a month or more and forward phone calls to my cell,” Edwin says. “Nobody knows any different.”

Because he travels so often, Edwin has found the RingCentral mobile app to be indispensable: it enables him to dial out through the app and keep his personal cell phone number private.

As is so often the case in business, persistence is paying off for Edwin and his talent shop. Rojas Talent Group is now on the road to success: its summer was very strong, and Edwin is expecting things to pick up even more during the holidays (traditionally the busiest time of year for the entertainment industry).

Rojas Talent Group is poised to do great things in the months and years to come, and RingCentral will be there every step of the way for Edwin. “I run a very tech-savvy company,” he says, “and I love RingCentral.”

Originally published Nov 12, 2012, updated Aug 07, 2020

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