If you run a service business, you know that your company’s reputation with customers can mean the difference between success and failure. In the age of online customer reviews, a company in a competitive service industry—HVAC, plumbing, construction, etc.—simply can’t afford to develop a reputation for poor quality or unreliability.

Ed Sieber understands this principle. That’s why he built his entire company culture around the promise to put customers first. And that explains why the franchise he started 30 years ago, Glass Doctor of Charlotte, not only survived but became one of the most successful in the parent corporation’s 300-franchise portfolio.

But until recently, one factor limited Sieber’s ability to provide outstanding service in every customer experience.

Solving the one customer service issue the five-star company still struggled with

“In the service industry, you need real-time answers,” Sieber explains. “You can’t just call one manager with a question and wait for an answer.” Yet that was how the company was forced to conduct much of its day-to-day business because its communication technology was limited to standard business phone lines.

Then a friend who also owned a Glass Doctor franchise introduced Sieber to RingCentral’s all-in-one communications solution, and he was finally able to turn that last remaining customer service weak point into another competitive advantage for his business.

Sieber points out, for example, that thanks to the RingCentral app, “Now we finally have real-time team messaging. When I need a question answered right away, I can just message the right team—or teams—and I know someone will be there to answer. That’s so much better than our old method of calling one person and hoping for a callback soon.”

Improving the business in so many ways

Sieber’s business is also benefiting from the many other communication tools included in his RingCentral service: like the business phone numbers his employees can use on any device, the voicemail transcriptions, and the online video meetings the company uses for training sessions and webinars.

And these aren’t just fun new tech tools for the company’s employees. RingCentral’s communication services are actually improving Glass Doctor of Charlotte’s operations in measurable ways. “Since we switched to RingCentral, our Net Promoter Score has gone from an 81—which was already a world-class rating—to an 85. I attribute this largely to our improved efficiency and communication thanks to RingCentral.

“We’re finding so many ways to improve our operations with these tools that I could go on all day about them,” Sieber says. To discover more of those improvements Sieber is talking about and learn what RingCentral can do for your own business, check out Glass Doctor of Charlotte’s RingCentral case study.