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Business is Booming: How 5 Small Companies Improved Their Communications [Friday Five]


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Today, small companies are under intense pressure to grow their business fast, deliver exceptional customer service and to beat their larger competitors. Adopting a cloud-based phone service can help fast-growing small companies meet their goals and succeed in a tough market. Here’s how 5 small companies grew their business using RingCentral:

Tip 1: Properly manage calls to meet customer service expectations

MountainSun who specializes in ski-to-door chalet hotel accommodation has staff dispersed over several locations. They didn’t want to invest in a traditional PBX phone system as it couldn’t transfer calls to their staff. A friend recommended an internet based system and explained that it was more flexible for call management. Using RingCentral, MountainSun never misses a call because every call is managed to ensure a member of staff is available to answer it.

Tip 2: Keep finances transparent for better budgeting and management of cash flow

Safesip did not consider a traditional PBX because the cost and resources to buy, manage and maintain it were too prohibitive. Instead they opted for RingCentral—a cloud system—where pricing is more flexible and transparent. You only pay for what you use; and there is a single monthly payment plan, which includes landline and mobile minutes. The main benefit for Safesip is that there is no capital costs and a predictable monthly payment, which helps with budgeting and managing cash flow.

Tip 3: Use a high quality service to ensure an exceptional experience for customers

For Fargo Systems having a reliable and high quality voice service, so it could provide customers with an exceptional experience was really important. With a good quality router and a proven platform, like RingCentral, who has a service record of 99.9% uptime, you can’t go wrong. Fargo Systems is pleased with its RingCentral service levels, and in turn, their customers never have trouble contacting or speaking to Fargo Systems.

Tip 4: Try before you buy; if it doesn’t work for you, it won’t work for your staff

Control Freq was not sure if a cloud solution was right for business so it started out with a 30-day free trial, with RingCentral. The implementation team was set up with their chosen phone and fax number in a few minutes. Staff downloaded the mobile app on their iPhone and used the softphone on their laptop. The trial worked so well that the business ordered a couple of internet phones that arrived the next day. RingCentral is now rolled out to all staff.

Tip 5: Make sure you can seamlessly connect staff and customers, a customer funded wine business, has staff located in the UK, USA and Australia, and wanted to make sure there was a seamless connection between staff amongst each other and customers. RingCentral provided a single 1-800 number, so the company can overflow all the calls between the US and UK. Their customers now always speak to a person instead of a machine when they call. Additionally, because RingCentral is a cloud-based solution, was able to integrate its own customer relationship management system with RingCentral, so it can initiate calls directly, which makes it easier for staff to call customers and reduce miss-dials.

Originally published May 30, 2014, updated Jul 20, 2021

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