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Help Your Business Thrive: Why WhatsApp Business Solution is Essential


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Last year, WhatsApp launched its WhatsApp Business Solution that enables medium to large organizations using a Digital Customer Interactions Platform to achieve a greater volume of customer messages. 

Utilizing this official API solution, you can exercise the automated response feature to interact with customers while waiting for an agent, send messages using quick replies, and mark each contact according to request and order status, plus you acquire a verified business profile.

This could hold a notable influence on customer satisfaction. Such as expanding your scope, developing deliverability, handling support expenses, boosting conversions, intensifying security, and delivering additional valuable company KPIs.


As of February 2020, 2 billion users were accessing WhatsApp regularly. Hence, it is a primary way to connect with customers on what is one of the most popular messaging channels throughout the globe. The introduction of WhatsApp Business Solution enables companies to integrate it as part of a wider strategy that unifies digital channels on a single platform and has become a significant factor in its adaption. 

WhatsApp Business allows you to create a branded profile, complete with a business description that includes all details including your website. It can offer effective customer engagement with the use of images, location sharing, and other rich messaging features.

Businesses that require a way to manage more customer queries than on a one-to-one basis with the standalone WhatsApp Business App should consider the enterprise solution as the next level in consolidating high volumes of messages for customer service agents. WhatsApp Business Solution has a multitude of perceived benefits.

Why should you adopt WhatsApp for Customer Care?

  • Popularity – One of the most popular messaging apps, there are over 65 billion messages sent every day via the app and web-app. The accelerated use of messaging apps as a preferred channel for conversation is apparent. 53% of people are more likely to shop with a business they can message directly. Plus it is available in 60 languages, allowing users around the world to enjoy a personalized customer experience
  • Asynchronous communication – Improve agent productivity and lessen processing time with the asynchronous cadence, chat history, and concise messages. The adaptability and individual characteristics of asynchronous enterprise messaging give companies the ideal chance to connect with consumers on the devices used every day.
  • Setup Templates – Ability to automate template messages for routine requests and offer fast resolutive replies. Pre-approved messages can be utilized to send notifications to customers from who clear permission has been obtained.  These can be created by your team with templates or from the API provider. The only requirement is that they are non-promotional. 
  • Secure – All messages are secured with end-to-end encryption, meaning that no third party can access it. There are limitless opportunities wherewith WhatsApp could be applied in customer care for the purpose of relaying private data or trading detailed documentation with clients all in a private and reliable app.
  • Verified Account – An official verified Business Account, whereby your account has a green tick to signal it’s validity when you choose to add the WhatsApp Business Solution API through a provider for your omni-digital platform. This ensures your customers that they are contacting the right account and reinforces the security of this channel.

How can WhatsApp Business API improve your business?

To scale up and be available to every client no matter what the volume of messages, it would be best to pursue the integration of the WhatsApp Business Solution. Customers are using multiple touchpoints to communicate with organizations, and 72% of them expect to use their favorite channel to engage with brands.

Companies operating on a global scale such as insurance leader AXA have successfully adopted WhatsApp Business Solution to accelerate transformation, meet customers’ evolving needs and continue growth.

AXA is innovating to adjust to its customers’ expectations and their omni-channel habits. The growth of messaging for customer service had seen them add WhatsApp Business Solution into their digital channel strategy. Enabling them to be available where their customers are at any given time, offering security with end-to-end encryption for customer conversations and utilizing rich messaging features.

By using RingCentral Engage Digital, AXA and its customer service representatives can manage interactions from messaging, email, live-chat and social media. Within the platform’s unified interface, each agent can answer enquiries from all channels rather than being restricted to a single one. 


WhatsApp Business Solution allows businesses to communicate with customers securely and simply, directly through WhatsApp while being able to incorporate it into your enterprises’ multichannel strategy. A platform like RingCentral Engage Digital has an adequate workflow and platform to add this channel as an official provider.  

Remain relevant using a messaging solution that can develop customer engagement and empower agents with suitable technology. Increasing efficiency, offering extensibility across channels, and transforms companies who want to offer modern digital customer care.

Originally published Sep 12, 2019, updated Dec 30, 2022

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