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AXA Embraces the Rise of Digital Customer Service


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As part of its digital transformation, global insurance leader AXA is adopting new digital channels to communicate more efficiently with its customers. Discover how RingCentral Engage Digital helps AXA to increase its digital customer engagement and adopt the newest channels available to businesses. 

Watch the video to discover the testimonials of the AXA Switzerland team.

  • Harald Felgner – Digital Experience Designer, UX Innovation 
  • Christoph Schröder – Head of Customer Care Front Office
  • Sarina Blatter – Head of Customer Care Back Office

A global leader in insurance adapting to its customers’ habits

Established in 1859, global insurance leader AXA has more than 107 million customers across 61 countries. Its areas of expertise are applied to a range of products and services across three major business lines: property-casualty insurance, life & savings, and asset management.

AXA has launched the Ambition 2020 strategic plan to accelerate its transformation, meet customers’ rapidly evolving needs and continue its growth.

The company is driven by a customer-first approach, as Christoph Schröder explains: “One of our big goals is customer first, so we want to try to do everything for the customer and not for our internal processes.”

The company is innovating to adapt to its customers’ expectations and their omni-channel habits. Customers are using multiple touchpoints to interact with companies, and 72% of them expect to use their favorite channel to engage with brands.

To adapt to the growth of messaging for customer service, the company adopted Apple Business Chat and WhatsApp Business Solution. Both messaging channels allow customers to contact the brand from apps they use daily.  Rather than being constrained to opening hours and waiting on the phone, customers can send their requests at any time. 

Since the launch, the company observed a strong interest from customers, with a 50% month-to-month increase in digital interactions.

An Omni-Digital approach with RingCentral Engage Digital

AXA is using RingCentral Engage Digital to manage interactions from messaging and social media. Thanks to the platform’s unified interface, each agent can answer enquiries from all channels rather than being dedicated to a single one.

Agents can handle multiple interactions at the same time and switch easily from one channel to another. AXA is defining the tool as very easy to use, requiring a short training time.

By using a single platform for digital channels, AXA is providing faster answers and enjoys increased customer satisfaction, as well as better agent productivity.

Key results: 

  • 50% Month-over-month increase in digital interactions
  • 10X increase in case resolution
  • 50% reduction in time to resolution

“RingCentral Engage Digital changed the way we talk to our customers. We are much faster to react on a message, every customer is happier.”

Sarina Blatter, Head of Customer Care Back-Office

Visit our website to learn how RingCentral Engage Digital can help you embrace the rise of digital customer service too!

Originally published Jul 26, 2019, updated Aug 27, 2020

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