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RingCentral-Google Integration Enables Open Mortgage to Deliver a Better Mortgage Experience


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open-mortgage At Open Mortgage, we work hard to empower the dream of homeownership for everyone, from young people purchasing their first home to seniors enhancing their retirement strategies with a reverse mortgage.

This diverse customer base means it’s necessary to support a variety of ways to interact with customers. Those who prefer digital transactions can use our website that lets them do much of the mortgage process online. For customers who would rather work with a Loan Originator (LO) more closely, we have physical offices with LOs around the country.

The need to be all things technical to all people drives much of what I do in IT, including how I support Open Mortgage’s workforce. I want to enable them to work efficiently wherever they are — from home, a customer’s home, a coffee shop, or their office. This is why we use Google Apps for Work and RingCentral for our communication and collaboration tools. This combination of solutions is an excellent fit for my “all things technical to all people” approach, and I’ll give you a few reasons why.

The first reason is faxes. You may think faxes died out with the advent of email, but no. There is a great deal of paperwork in the mortgage industry (as you well know if you’ve ever purchased a house). While some borrowers may be comfortable reading and signing all that paperwork using a computer or mobile device, many are not, especially those seeking reverse mortgages.

With Google Apps for Work and RingCentral, faxing has been streamlined significantly. Our LOs no longer need to have separate phone and fax numbers; one number handles both with RingCentral. It might seem like a small thing, but having all information flow to one number avoids a lot of confusion. People also appreciate having cleaner-looking business cards and email signatures.

When an LO sends in loan paperwork (as a fax), it goes directly to the recipient’s email account. The LO doesn’t have to do any scanning because the information is already in PDF format. Similarly, when there’s a need to fax something back, the recipient can either fax directly from Google Docs, or use RingCentral’s FaxOut option to send a PDF or other document directly from Google Drive.

Second, the Google-RingCentral integration benefits not only our LOs, but all of our employees. For example, when an employee is in an email and there is a phone number they need to call, one click on the number automatically dials the phone for them. A simple integration like this saves an employee some time and makes for a more user-friendly experience. And ultimately it improves our customer service since calls can be returned more quickly.

A third advantage is the integration between RingCentral and Google Calendar. Previously, scheduling a call or a conference call required numerous steps and a number of applications (email, calendar, phone directory, etc.). Now employees can simply pick the appropriate time in Google Calendar and in one click can create an invite that automatically includes all the necessary audio conference dial-in information. This saves time and eliminates the frustrating process we used to have, wherein someone would have to create an invite, create a conference bridge, and then manually copy/past the dial-in information into the invite. When you have multiple conference calls a day, one click makes a significant difference. This also alleviates the accidental copy/pasting of wrong dial-in information into the invite.

I appreciate anything that helps me make our employees’ work lives easier, which is why I value the Google-RingCentral integration. It streamlines so many of the routine office tasks that people do every day. When their work lives are easier, they can deliver better customer service. Every time that happens, it helps strengthen Open Mortgage’s commitment to service, and that helps us be the kind of mortgage lender we want to be.

To find out more about RingCentral-Google integrations or sign up for a free 30-day trial, please click here.

Originally published Dec 07, 2016, updated Sep 18, 2021

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