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Everything you need to know about RingCentral's global network


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  • Global businesses face one common challenge: working together cohesively.
  • Without the right communications solution, offices in different regions can easily become siloed and work separately.
  • Our Global Connect Network (the architecture behind RingCentral Global MVP™) provides a seamless user experience no matter where workers are located in the world.


Back in the days when coworker and cubemate were basically interchangeable terms, working together was easy. 

Today’s businesses, however, are increasingly global, with employees and offices spread out across different regions and countries.

Going global has a lot of perks, but it makes one thing much more challenging: working together. All too often, offices can’t easily communicate with each other, teams may lack alignment, and work becomes siloed. When this happens, collaboration breaks down and business crumbles.

The communications challenge faced by global businesses

Operating on a global scale is often a double-edged sword. Working across regions can open up new markets and other opportunities. But at the same time, the very nature of being geographically spread out creates barriers that can interfere with effective operations. 

For example, working with local telecom vendors and carriers to provision services to each new geography may seem like a good way to navigate regional requirements. But the resulting patchwork of solutions can then inhibit global collaboration.

Don’t silo your business. Keep your entire organization connected—wherever your workers are.

That’s because those solutions may not work seamlessly together, requiring extra steps to share information and making collaboration an afterthought. The more effort that is required to work together, the greater the risk that blind spots and silos will develop across locations. 

The simplest way to relieve this critical pain point and connect your global workforce? Deploying a reliable, cloud-based solution that’s available everywhere—and in every language—you do business.

The RingCentral Global Connect Network difference

It wasn’t long ago that this connection challenge across dispersed locations was virtually unavoidable. Historically, most offices used legacy on-premises PBX solutions to support each unique location—and differences between systems created natural barriers to easy communication. 

For example, in the same office, calling a colleague might be as easy as pulling up their name in a directory. But on separate systems, calling a coworker in another country would require dialing codes, international calling minutes, and other complexities. 

Setting up and maintaining multiple PBX systems can be complicated and costly too, so there’s ultimately a greater burden managing systems that aren’t as effective at enabling global collaboration in the first place. But our Global Connect Network was designed with precisely these challenges in mind.

What is the Global Connect Network? 

Our Global Connect Network is the infrastructure behind Global MVP, our message, video, and phone solution for global businesses. It’s built from the ground up to provide a seamless experience wherever your offices are.

What does this mean? Well, many providers lease lines or outsource service delivery to others, which results in lesser reliability and quality of communications.

Our network, however, interconnects directly with 45+ carriers and 200+ service providers, whether telcos or internet service providers. This means we’ve established our own backbone and developed our own peering relationships to provide carrier-grade reliability and quality of service. We handle all of the interconnects so our users don’t have to set up their own PBX servers or manage multiple carriers around the globe.

The cloud, of course, is essential to delivering such an experience and ecosystem. Unlike other cloud services, however, we created a content delivery network capable of performing symmetric processing on the fly. This means if any service goes offline, the next closest facility would simply pick up the work it had been doing seamlessly, with no interruptions to your work. 

All of your locations across the world enjoy the same communications experience while keeping management simple for your IT team. Our framework removes the complexity and headaches so you’re not burdened with setting up your own PBX servers and managing multiple carrier service providers around the globe. And if you decide to expand locations, we already have you covered.

What does Global MVP offer?

With RingCentral Global MVP, the end-user experience is top of mind. We deliver a single global UCaaS solution from the cloud that gives end users a local calling experience regardless of their location or device

End users never have to worry about international numbers, multiple carriers, device configurations, or anything besides dialing when they call or meet with their teams. From the end user’s perspective, regardless of their location, the experience and call quality is the same as calling from their desks. 

But it’s much more than a consistent experience. Here are other ways Global MVP is a compliant and reliable solution:

Global footprint

Available with local PSTN in 45 countries and 18 languages with local and toll-free numbers in over 105 countries and territories around the world, Global MVP has you covered wherever you expand to or already have branches in. 

Multinational regulatory compliance

As they say, the devil is in the details—and many businesses don’t anticipate all of the regulatory hurdles involved in setting up communications in another country. 

The biggest challenge is creating that “seamless” experience from one country to another, since different countries have different regulations and are at different stages of their adoption of telephony infrastructure.

Things like compliance with local laws and regulations, licensing, emergency services, device and power specifications, and other geographical differences all increase the cost and complexity of provisioning communications to new locations. But as a global provider, we are deeply familiar with the requirements of our markets, and we deliver a uniform experience that is locally compliant.


Global businesses rely on being able to readily connect with all their locations as needed. But regional differences in service reliability can make this a challenge. 

With Global MVP, it doesn’t matter where your branch is located: we deliver 99.999% uptime SLA all around the world. This translates to less than 5.26 seconds of downtime per year—the gold standard in network availability.

Simple administration and management

We ensure administrative simplicity for the sake of IT teams and other managers who need the ability to scale their communications systems easily when their workforce needs change across the world. 

Our centrally managed portal makes it easy to understand what’s happening across the network, troubleshoot, and make changes—from anywhere. With real-time analytics and global device monitoring, instant alerts, and dashboards, global organizations have full visibility into their entire communications system.

One single global bill

We relieve IT managers of the burden of reviewing stacks of invoices each month from multiple carriers, and from the costs inherent in systems cobbled together (often with the help of intermediary parties who add a hefty mark-up). And should there be a problem, we provide a single point of contact—RingCentral—for them to troubleshoot and get support.

Global connections for global businesses

An ability to work seamlessly and efficiently across geographies can be a make-or-break differentiator for global businesses. And as more companies shift to hybrid and remote work, staying connected is becoming even more of an imperative.

Offering all of the built-in advantages of our Global Connect Network, RingCentral Global MVP resolves the communications challenges multinational companies need to overcome—and offers everything employees need to do their best work anywhere. 

Learn more here.

Originally published Jun 21, 2021, updated Jan 30, 2023

Unify your global business with messaging, video conferencing, and phone calls—all in a single platform.

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