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Finding the sweet spot.

For new SVP of Customer Care Marlena Werder, success in technology means helping more people unlock more value.


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  • RingCentral Customer Support ensures every user is able to effectively put our products to work.
  • Customer Support experts champion customer needs, share deep product knowledge, provide innovative solutions, build relationships, and drive success. 

Right to the why. 

We asked new SVP of Customer Support Marlena Werder what she does. She was much more excited about telling us why she leads. So, we’re going to lead with that. 

“The most fulfilling experiences in my career have happened when I was able to help create an environment where people can be wildly successful — where you can have career growth and financial success and grow and learn, and most importantly, like the person you take home at the end of the day.”

Maxing the value.

Setting the bar at  “fulfillment ” isn’t easy. Delivering on a goal like that requires working the data, forming a strategy and executing on it. For Werder, it all centers on delivering every ounce of value to users. 

“I find the sweet spot in the intersection of understanding how customers achieve value with technology. I love bringing large groups of people together to do more collectively than they could individually. I’m also kind of an operations numbers geek. I like the sort of systemic nature of what we do. I like the fact that we can make data driven decisions. So, using data to find value for customers, then executing on that to empower people — that’s what gets me most excited.”

“I’ve always thought that for people looking for a broad career path with lots of different opportunities, Customer Support is a great place to start.”

Marlena Werder, RingCentral

Culture wins again.

So, what led Marlena to RingCentral? An assertive recruiter…who had a great story to tell.  

“I had a recruiter who  was very…what’s the right word? Assertive. She kept calling and calling and calling. So I finally called her back and I really liked her. I loved her energy around the company. I probably did six or seven interviews, and every one reinforced cultural values or cultural experiences or behaviors that really appealed to me. (RingCentral) just felt like the kind of place where I could lean in and I enjoy my work and feel proud to be a part of the company. So, the culture was a big draw.”

Adding strength, not just size. 

RingCentral is already known for solid customer support. But as the company grows, the needs grow, too. For Werder, that means opportunity across the board. 

“I look at customer data to see where we are, and it’s certainly good. But I also look at the growth we’re experiencing, and that tells me—we need to get stronger. We have to think about every interaction as a moment of truth. So we can look at transactional data, where we’re doing really well, but we can’t stop there. We also have to look at the longer term Net Promoter Score that measures customer experience, loyalty and predicts future growth. That’s a constant effort, and an area where we’re always looking for an edge.” 

Immersive career opportunities.

The cool thing about a career in Customer Support? It connects you to every part of the company. 

“I’ve always thought that for people looking for a broad career path with lots of different opportunities, Customer Support is a great place to start. It’s a real opportunity for someone who might be thinking ”How can I leverage artificial intelligence and automation and all these cool technologies to do my job better?” We love people who think about the world in that way. But the other thing about Support is – you might deal with problems (no one ever calls us when they’re having a good day,) but you deal with…them across the whole organization. We give people a real feel for Sales, Professional Services, Tester Engineering, Operations, and I think that makes us a great place to grow talent and develop people’s careers.”

Big finish

Customer Support is about human interaction. For Werder, that’s a key ingredient for success. 

“My friendships and my relationships, that’s kind of what I’m all about. And I think the fact that I’m a leader makes me a better person, and the fact that I’m a mother and wife and daughter and sister makes me a better leader.”

Originally published Apr 19, 2022

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