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Culture Week brings us closer together

Together, we are RingCentral—where we all belong.


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  • The RingCentral Spirit Employee Resource Group works to bring the company’s global employee community together
  • Culture Week is a series of virtual and IRL events aimed at helping employees get to know one another better.

Each and every employee makes a difference in our community. So our RingCentral Spirit Employee Resource Group (ERG) spent last week helping us all celebrate our inspired and diverse global community.


Getting to know ourselves.

Culture Week gave us the chance to get to know each other a little better. Through engaging activities and personal stories we were able to learn more about our peers. We shared our hobbies, photos, interests and insights, recognizing that who we are beyond the office brings us balance and elevates our collective community. Together we are RingCentral—where we all belong.

It was my great pleasure to participate in the Culture Week and really great to see how the work & life of our colleagues all over the world and how they are engaged with RC. So many people shared their unique experience in the group, and it’s a great opportunity for us to learn more about each other and the connection makes us closer!

—Joanna Chen, Xiamen

What makes you, you.

This year for Culture Week we asked some of our employees what it means to bring their authentic selves to work.  In partnership with Sara Boushakra, Manager of Employer Brand, we hosted a week of fun-filled activities and got to know more about the hobbies and passions of our employee community. Sharing their stories and celebrating the people that make RingCentral unique was an informative and exciting experience for us all.  

“I am RingCentral.”

Our week of activities kicked-off with “I am” statements. We asked everyone to share simple, one-word descriptions of who they are and their passions outside of work. We heard “I am free” in our Paris office from Camille Merel, a yogi practitioner and teacher who feels she doesn’t have to hide but can “bring her true self to the office.” We heard “I am devoted” in China from Joanna Chen who like many others is a working parent. And we heard “I am brave” in Belmont from Jedd Ong whose hobby is more than just strengthening her personally, it’s helping her bring brave new innovations to her work. Our “I am” statements reinforced that who we are beyond the office brings us balance while informing the work we do every day.

Connection and belonging.

Our Culture Week activities brought us together to write and share our “I am” statements, learn about family meal prep, practice yoga, to share our hobbies, and ultimately culminated in a house dance music party with “DJ E-Trane” Elliott Broadnax, our Technical Account Manager. This was the first House Party Friday and we are excited to announce this will be an ongoing series going forward for our employees. We’ve been blown away by your hobbies, statements, photos and participation! This is only the beginning, if you have a story you want to share, in or outside of work, we want to know! At RingCentral we know connection comes from a shared sense of belonging and Culture Week reminded us that whatever it is that makes our employees unique, together we are RingCentral—where we all belong.

It was so much fun participating in culture week with all of you! Thank  you to all the new friends who sent me kind messages. The culture at RingCentral is so clearly unique and special and I think finding any way to showcase that is incredibly important. Also, it’s a great way to remind everyone that we’re among an incredible group of people here.

My takeaway from Culture Week is that I hope everyone continues to explore hobbies that enrich their lives, challenge them, and integrate seamlessly into their work. I’m happy we celebrate everyone pushing the envelope and show the incredible things everyone can do when given trust and freedom that’s embedded into the RingCentral culture.

—Jedd Ong, Belmont

Originally published Apr 20, 2022, updated Apr 25, 2022

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