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Family Lawyer Joan Bundy Makes Service a Priority


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Attorney Joan Bundy chose to specialize in family law because she wanted to make a a positive impact on the community. Joan’s first taste of family law came when she worked as an assistant prosecutor for government agencies and city prosecutors’ offices in her home state of Arizona. Many of her cases involved either domestic violence or animal abuse, so Joan saw firsthand how family lawyers protect and serve society’s most vulnerable.

“Animal law, in particular, has been really gratifying for me,” Joan reports. “Animal custody and care are always hot-button issues for a lot of people.”

While Joan enjoyed being a prosecutor, she also wanted the independence that would come with launching her own practice. So in 2009, she took the plunge and opened a Chandler-based family law office, Joan Bundy Law PLC. Joan’s first priority was establishing herself as a trusted legal resource – and she knew the best way to do that was to ensure that clients would be able to reach her easily.

That’s why she signed up for RingCentral business phone service. RingCentral gave Joan a number that was portable and virtual, meaning she could run her whole business from her cell phone and keep her personal number private (while staying in constant contact with clients). Joan’s commitment to quality service has paid off: even though she began her practice in the teeth of the recession, she has had little trouble finding business.

Technically, Joan didn’t open a physical office for some time: she operated out of her home for several months to save on rent. Today, Joan does have office space. Her operation is small – she’s a solo practitioner with a single part-time assistant – but her business is expanding steadily.

RingCentral fits in nicely with Joan’s growth plans. “RingCentral gives me the ability to stay flexible as I grow the business. I can add lines and people as need be,” she says.

Joan also appreciates the convenience of RingCentral’s forwarding rules. During the workday, calls get sent to her. After hours, they go to her assistant.

As the owner of a small but growing practice, Joan needs a connectivity solution that works the way she does. RingCentral meets her needs, helping her stay connected with clients and provide the highest-quality service.

“It’s seamless,” Joan says of her RingCentral phone system.

Originally published Sep 05, 2012, updated Aug 27, 2020

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