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Alongside VR and IoT, chatbot has been of the hottest digital trends for the last few months. The application of this technology for customer care has much potential, and we see more and more brands experimenting with it.

With its 100 000 active bots, Messenger is one of the most renowned channels for chatbots, but it’s actually not the only channel on which they can interact. If you are a chatbot vendor, making your chatbots multichannel will be a huge advantage. Read our article to discover how to do so and to be able to pass conversations to an agent when needed.

Chatbots’ benefits for customer care

When integrated properly into a global customer care strategy, we believe chatbots can benefit both companies and customers. For customers, a chatbot can provide immediate assistance to basic enquiries and redirect them to an agent when needed. For companies, this kind of program can help answer the most frequent questions, saving agents time and allowing them to focus can focus on issues with higher added value.

Dimelo’s platform allows companies to manage volumes of interactions on all digital channels, such as social media, messaging, e-mail, live chat… Each month, our customers respond to over 13,5 million messages around the world. As an open platform, Dimelo makes the interaction with third party applications easy.

The same applies with chatbots : any of them can actually connect to Dimelo and start interacting on these channels. Whether it is via APIs, WebHook connections or Source SDK, the connection is easy. Depending on the scenario, it is possible to make Dimelo and chatbots work in parallel, or even to connect the bot directly to our platform. Once connected, the chatbot will be able to act like a real agent on all digital channels.

Chatbot Myths Guide

Chatbots and Dimelo: how to combine AI and human interactions

Beyond the trend, we have seen in the last few months a growing interest of companies for chatbots and their applications for customer care. At Dimelo, we believe chatbots are a great way to answer basic and recurring requests. However, it is essential to be aware of chatbots’ limitations and to be able to redirect the conversation to an agent when the bot cannot answer.

For example, the electricity provider Direct Energie launched two chatbots connected to Dimelo: one related to contract subscription and the other one for meter reading. Telecom operator RED By SFR also launched a beta version of a bot, giving answers to clients and qualifying the enquiries. The connection of these chatbots with Dimelo allow our platform to hand over the conversation to an agent when needed.

Get your chatbot certified by Dimelo

We believe in the power of a rich and international ecosystem of technologies. To support this vision, we are launching a new certification program called “Mind The Bot”, targeted to Chatbot vendors. The “Chatbot certified by Dimelo” label acts as a trust seal reserved to Chatbot vendors which successfully entered our free program.

Mind The Bot Dimelo

Certified chatbot vendors will benefit from the following advantages:

  • Access a large clients base: This program gives you access to multiple large international companies processing millions of customer interactions each month, on a variety of digital channels.
  • Get additional visibility: You benefit from free promotion on our website, our blog, social networks and newsletter and may be selected for exclusive highlights & features.
  • Reinforce your credibility: Being certified by one of the leading Digital Customer Interactions platforms, you gain more trust within the customer service ecosystem.
  • Enhance your chatbot: Once connected to our platform, your chatbot acts like an agent on a variety of digital channels: social media, mobile, mail, chat, etc.

If you are a chatbot vendor and want to join this free program, you can get more information and register here.

Originally published Oct 23, 2017, updated Jan 17, 2024

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