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Video: PMU’s innovations in Digital Customer Care


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PMU is the leading European betting company, and its website,, is the number one online wagering site in France. The company places digital and customer care at the heart of its strategy, and progressively multiplied its contact points to better accompany its clients. In our video, Chloé Beauvallet (Director of Services and Customer Care) and Julien Sornique (Customer Care Projects Manager) introduce these different steps and PMU’s latest innovations for Customer Care.

English subtitles available

A strategy oriented towards its community

In 2015, PMU implemented with Dimelo its peer support community, declining PMU’s values in digital: mutual assistance, animation, game passion, conviviality. This platform allows to share tips, news and experts testimonials, and include a private forum dedicated to the most active members, who access to exclusive offers and events.

Communauté PMU

In April, PMU launched the new version of its community, which further develops the collaborative dimension and favors the participative innovation between punters and PMU.

A multichannel approach to be part of the customer journey

To accompany the growth of its social media interactions, PMU integrated within Dimelo Digital its social media feeds. In this way, advisers can treat all messages from these channels within a single platform, and access an unified history of messages.

The same year, PMU integrated an instant messaging system into its “PMU Sport” app, thanks to Dimelo Mobile. Then, PMU was one of the first French companies to develop this feature.

“We have decided to integrate instant messaging into the PMU applications to adapt to the context of the customer journey, to accompany our customer where he is, when he needs it.”

Chloé Beauvallet, Director of Services and Customer Care at PMU

Messaging In App PMU

During the EURO 2016, PMU observed that customers using this feature were betting more in volume and in value. Following this sucess, PMU recently integrated messaging into its applications dedicated to Poker and Horse races.

PMU also adopted Dimelo for its live chat, on which players can talk with customer service between 12PM and 10PM, 7 days a week. By integrating this channel within Dimelo, PMU makes the management of channels easier for its advisers. They can indeed answer to messages from a single interface and access an unified conversation history. Activity and performance monitoring is also made easier.

“Our advisers using a single platform to treat messages from these conversational channels are more efficient and reactive. Today, our response time promise is 15 minutes on social media and messaging channels.”

Julien Sornique, Customer Care Projects Manager

Thanks to these innovations and its customer care quality, PMU was awarded “Best Customer Of The Year” in 2018 in the Games category. PMU wants to continue its work on accessibility and service quality, anticipating customers’ need thanks to data, as well as customer’s acquisition and loyalty.

Originally published Nov 06, 2017, updated Dec 30, 2022

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