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Dr. Abramson’s Practice Couples Old-School Medical Care with High-Tech Communications


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Dr. Paul Abramson’s San Francisco-based My Doctor Medical Group practice provides what he calls “old-school medicine” – personalized, primary care services and house calls. His goal is to provide high-quality care to people who don’t want to be shunted from one specialist to another and who prefer a more collaborative doctor-patient relationship.

Paul combines this high-touch patient care with the latest advances in healthcare technology. With B.S. and M.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University — in addition to a medical degree from UCSF — Paul has an intimate knowledge of technology and healthcare informatics.

Paul’s patient-first, tech-focused approach is paying off – My Doctor Medical Group has been successful since its founding.

Because Paul’s practice is growing so quickly, he loves the fact that his RingCentral service is scalable. RingCentral’s system architecture is based in the cloud, so it’s easy to add or delete extensions as needed (without the need for an outside telecom technician). And, Paul reports, it’s not just changing extension settings that’s simple and straightforward.

“RingCentral offers a very configurable front end that allows me to customize our phone system with highly complex rules,” he reports. “It does exactly what we want at every moment.”

Dr. Paul Abramson

Easy system customization is important for Paul because he and his colleagues are so often on the go. While they do work from a physical office, much of their time is spent in hospitals, nursing homes and patients’ houses. Paul and his employees need to be reachable, even when they’re not at their desks – and it’s here that RingCentral shines.

Specifically, RingCentral’s mobile app for iOS is what keeps Paul connected to his practice and his patients. The app enables him to place calls using his business number, so no one ever knows that he’s anywhere but his office.

For a tech-savvy medical practice like Paul’s, RingCentral’s advanced mobile apps are ideal. And, Paul says, the app connectivity options are what make RingCentral a superb communications solution.

“RingCentral has been extremely helpful for us,” Paul says. “Callers have access to us no matter where we are – and no matter which configuration of employees we have at the moment.”

Originally published Aug 13, 2012, updated Aug 11, 2020

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