Many businesses rely on Google Cloud as their chosen interface for day-to-day productivity. From historic Teachers College, Columbia University through to Silicon Valley start-up ProsperWorks, the app is used for email, calendars, file sharing, meetings and more. It’s how they get things done. At RingCentral, we offer seamless integration with Google Cloud, while leveraging all the benefits of cloud communications. We empower businesses to not only get things done, but to achieve their goals through connectivity, collaboration and efficiency.

Different workspaces, one global solution

For CRM provider ProsperWorks, the freedom to work from any location while maintaining process and project efficiency is fundamental. With the RingCentral Google Cloud apps integration, ProsperWorks VP of Sales, Bret Knobelauch, explains how his team is getting 3­–4 hours back a day, vastly boosting the company’s productivity. They are not alone. Naveed Husain, the Associate VP/CIO at Teachers College, Columbia University, calls the RingCentral Google Cloud integration a “game changer,” making communication and collaboration easy across global borders.

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