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Dickerson Employee Benefits Finds Healthy Communication with RingCentral


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Dickerson Employee Benefits was founded in 1965 with the belief that all people should have equal access to affordable healthcare. The employees at Dickerson Employee Benefits are dedicated to aiding the insurance agent community and their clients by providing quotes, customer service, underwriting, retention, renewal, individual sales and large group consulting services. They are committed to excellence, ensuring each broker receives efficient and caring customer service. Based out of Los Angeles, California, Dickerson Employee Benefits has 58 employees.

For the past ten years, the employees at Dickerson Employee Benefits used various telecommunications providers, all of which required PBX systems. These systems were not reliable due to the amount of power outages the office experienced because of Los Angeles’ weather conditions. These PBX systems also required external technicians for all maintenance. President Michael Wolff finally decided to stop using an on-premise system after a third party maintenance service explained that a provider had sold him a refurbished PBX, even though it was said to be brand new.

“Our industry is driven by technology and communications,” says Wolff. “After all those years of dealing with failing hardware and misleading service providers, we realized we needed to find a reliable business phone solution.”

Wolff was referred to RingCentral by a friend whose company was already using the system. He found the cloud based system ideal for IT and maintenance purposes. Dickerson Employee Benefits has grown significantly in the last decade—not only has the company expanded statewide, but the number of employees has almost doubled. More employees meant more phones to manage. Wolff travels between the United States and Germany quite often and he needed to be able to access and manage the office phone system if necessary, regardless of his location.

“As a frequent traveler, it is important to me that our phone system had an open architecture that allows for the system to be run remotely,” says Wolff. “With the RingCentral mobile app I can manage our phone system from anywhere.”

Now that the employees at Dickerson Employee Benefits are using an all-inclusive phone system, the company utilizes several of the practical features offered by RingCentral. Third party faxing services are no longer needed as RingCentral offers internet fax to all Office customers. The employees are also enjoying the convenience of being able to customize their own settings such as changing voicemail messages and hold music. Since switching to RingCentral, the employees at Dickerson Employee Benefits have found increased mobility as well.

“Part of the reason we chose RingCentral was because of the mobile app,” says Wolff. “We encourage our employees to make use of this and the softphone as well—the system is not only stable, it is also transparent and readily available.”

Originally published Jul 23, 2014, updated Sep 17, 2021

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