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Building a contact center digital services toolkit

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  • Today’s customers demand excellent digital experiences
  • You need a robust set of digital services to meet customer needs, which includes social media, messaging, live chat, email, and reviews
  • RingCentral Engage offers easy-to-manage digital services in a single location, making it simple to offer the channels customers want

Are your customers having a positive digital experience? You can enable a positive digital customer experience if you have the right set of tools.

The first step to providing a positive digital customer experience (one that customers will want to engage in again and again) is to put a set of robust tools in place. Let’s explore what those tools are and how they foster an excellent digital customer experience.

What does a positive digital customer experience look like?

Here are some statistics about the digital customer experience to get a sense of what a positive one looks like:

  • 74% of customers are at least somewhat likely to buy a product or service based solely on the customer experience
  • 73% of Americans say the most important thing a brand can do is value their time
  • 71% of consumers want a consistent experience across all channels (but only 29% of them feel they have such digital experiences)
  • An Adobe survey showed 64% of Gen Z’ers and 72% of Millennials think brands should offer a customized experience
  • 75% of people expect to receive answers immediately when they use their smartphones
  • 90% of consumers expect answers to their questions in ten minutes or less when they connect to a brand
  • 59% of customers find that self-service options improve their digital customer experience
  • 71% of customers expect customer service agents will have information about their previous history with a brand

There are some themes that emerge from these statistics:

  • Customers want to get the answers they need quickly
  • Customers want brands to know who they are and what they’ve bought in the past
  • Customers want the same experience, no matter which channels they use

What digital services do you need for excellent customer experiences?

You need the following digital services to create an excellent customer experience:

  • Social media
  • Messaging
  • Live chat
  • Email
  • Reviews

Social media

Today, social media is a powerful tool in a brand’s digital engagement toolkit. Research from Sprout Social shows that after customers follow a brand on social media, 91% will visit the brand’s website or app, 89% will buy from the brand, and 85% will recommend the brand to family or friends.

With RingCentral Engage, you can reduce response time on any social media channel by allocating resources to ensure operational efficiency, exchange traceability, and large-scale processing of every interaction.


Customers want to be able to send SMSes to brands. Sixty-seven percent of people would rather text a business about scheduling an appointment than send an email or call them, and 59% of people want to text businesses through the messenger app they already have rather than downloading a new app.

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RingCentral Engage makes it easy for customers to send you text messages through Apple Business Chat and Facebook Messenger. They can also use native messaging apps for iOS and Android. These capabilities allow for higher digital engagement.

Employees can respond to these messages quickly through advanced workflows within Engage, so managers know customers are receiving the assistance they need.

Live chat

Live chat represents an appealing channel for customers. Seventy-one percent of customers are willing to use live chat for support, and of those customers, 79% use live chat because they can get help immediately. For companies, live chat provides a revenue stream – 38% of customers who use it make a purchase.

RingCentral’s Engage simplifies agent-to-customer communication with live chat. Site visitors can initiate a chat or trigger behavioral targeting configured to your business’ unique needs. Engage provides agents with response assistance and background details on customers for excellent digital customer service.


So many new ways to communicate are available to us today that email can seem old-fashioned. Yet, 98% of customers use email to communicate with brands. That makes it a vital channel for digital engagement.

Managing customer email is efficient and effective with RingCentral Engage. It offers a tool tailored to your process. You can track, process, and control every aspect of digital engagement through email from how you categorize messages to the qualities of replies you’re sending.


Reviews are powerful – 93% of customers read them online before buying a product. Moreover, search engines value reviews–online reviews have a weight of 6.47% in organic local searches.

Companies must pay attention to positive and negative reviews–they’re an important measure of customer satisfaction, and they can reveal areas of improvement for a firm. RingCentral’s Engage aggregates reviews from Google Play and Google My Business onto a single platform to analyze trends, contribute to conversations, and respond to product, service, and sales inquiries.

RingCentral Engage delivers the digital services you need for an excellent customer experience

RingCentral Engage offers a set of digital services to provide excellent customer service. It includes:

  • Multiple channels for digital engagement
  • AI at its core
  • An open API platform
  • Language recognition
  • Simplified administration and management

Multiple channels for digital engagement

RingCentral Engage enables you to offer digital experiences through social media, messaging, reviews, email, and chat.

AI at its core

RingCentral Engage runs on AI. Machine learning means that it’s constantly improving to make better choices and enhance the digital customer experience.

An open API platform

RingCentral Engage’s open API platform enables chatbot integrations, CRM integrations, and business intelligence for greater insights.

Language recognition

Speak to your customers in their language. RingCentral Engage recognizes 72 languages spoken across the world.

Simplified administration and management

RingCentral Engage is easy to set up. It offers live statistics and unified reporting for a greater understanding of the digital customer experience.

Offer digital services through RingCentral Engage
RingCentral Engage helps you build stronger relationships with customers through robust digital services.

Originally published Jun 16, 2021, updated Jan 16, 2024

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