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In 2015, we announced the RingCentral Connect Platform, which provided developers the APIs and SDKs needed to build out of the box communication and collaboration integrations.  Since then, customers, partners, and independent developers alike have built RingCentral into Enterprise applications with capabilities ranging from automated SMS messages to intelligent bots for RingCentral Glip.

Building upon the foundation of the RingCentral Connect Platform, we introduced the Connect Platform Partner Program (CP3) in June 2017. This program empowers our independent software vendors not only to build applications that enrich user experiences but also to market these apps at the RingCentral App Gallery.

RingCentral’s CP3 has three tiers to provide partners with the right set of developer tools and go-to-market support:

Authorized – With access to APIs and SDKs through the RingCentral Connect Platform, partners in this tier are able to create integrations that are featured in the RingCentral App Gallery.

Premier – Along with publication in the RingCentral App Gallery, partners in this tier receive supporting marketing content and a referral agreement with RingCentral. Co-branded Go-To-Market (GTM) opportunities further drive exposure.

Elite – Partners in this highest tier have an intimate relationship with RingCentral and a detailed GTM cadence that comes with early exposure to APIs and product roadmaps.

As a CP3 partner, you join the likes of successful ISVs such as Prosperworks who built click to dial into their CRM integration to give end users quick ability to save time on miss-dialing, streamline workflows, and increase stickiness by having the vital tools used for communication in one interface.

RingCentral is proud to have pioneered the largest UCaaS ecosystem of ISV partners who continue to build innovative solutions for our mutual customers. We enthusiastically welcome and engage with newcomers seeking to accelerate the adoption of collaborative communications into their business applications.

The Integrations team at RingCentral is excited to be a part of transforming efficiency and productivity in the workplace. We’d love to partner with you to help drive adoption of your applications and to bring awareness to the lasting value they provide our mutual customers.

Learn more about our program please visit our partner page.

Originally published Feb 06, 2018, updated Dec 30, 2022

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