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Cloud PBX Powers Erik Herrera's Computer Repair Business


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Continuing our Non-Traditional Workspace series on Mashable,  which highlights incredibly inspired and unique workspaces, we wanted to bring to you the story of a self-proclaimed “geek” who successfully manages his computer and network repair business while working onsite with customers. Spending much time on the road and in his clients’ server rooms, Erik Herrera, one of the three owners of Geek3 Computer Repair, uses RingCentral to provide personalized customer service wherever he is.













We talked to Erik and learned about how he keeps business functioning and his customers happy while he’s on the go. Here’s what he shared with us. 

Tell us about your business.
Geek3 Computer Repair is located in Gainesville, Florida and consists of myself, as well as two other technicians, who are always on-call. My wife is a second-grade teacher, but helps with accounting.

How do you use RingCentral in your business?
As a computer guy, I’m pretty well-versed in setting up expensive PBX systems for big businesses. RingCentral feels and operates like a professional phone system, but with total mobility and lacking all of the expense and maintenance. When someone calls, RingCentral rings my multiple locations, depending on where I am. I could be waiting in the dentist’s office, working at a client’s location, having lunch locally or visiting Microsoft in California! Even if I fly out of state, I still operate my business, and my customers never know the difference!

Are there any challenges affecting your business?
Finding ways to have my office anywhere I want. Of course, RingCentral makes this easier.

The professional recording on my RingCentral account helps me to really seem like I am sitting in a big office. This helps me pave the foundation for every other mobile application that I have because with RingCentral, I can turn on “Do Not Disturb” or check my business voicemail with a simple click of a button.

Does working in multiple workplaces give you a competitive edge and how?
I’d like to think so! I feel more energized when I’m not in the same place. Our internet marketing efforts do all of the work for us, so all we need to do is answer the phone and keep up with the schedule. With shared calendars and contacts, we’re always up-to-date, which means none of us ever has to check in to the office or find an address for an appointment.

What technologies enable you to work from multiple locations?
Mobile applications! From my iPhone, I can send/receive emails, accept credit cards (CC terminal), make/receive phone calls/faxes (RingCentral), remotely access any computer (LogMeIn) or server (WinAdmin), manage our clients’ website operations (Host Manage), manage accounting (iWHMCS), add an entry to our blog (WordPress), conduct basic network tests (Ping), share calendars (Gmail) and share contacts (MobileMe) with all of our phones and PC/Mac computers.

Do you have an office space, as well?
Yes, in three separate locations – my home office, an office space with another company and my car. I have probably said it a hundred times – RingCentral is the key to this insane structure as I can have it ring to all my landline locations and my cell phone simultaneously.

Do you have any stories to tell/advice to give other small business owners?
Our No. 1 rule is to take care of our customers. If we can’t help our customers, they will certainly find help somewhere else. I give the absolute best recommendations I can. Even though I sell a small inventory of products, I will often send clients directly to the vendor with the best deals if they are looking for another product. My clients really value that, and I think that’s the reason we continue to get traffic through word of mouth. 

Originally published Sep 29, 2010, updated Sep 01, 2021

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