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#ChooseToChallenge: Rity Sta. Maria


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Rity has spent the last 20 years of her life in the sales industry. 12 years of those she spent with RingCentral. For someone who climbed ladder from being a Sales Representative to a Sales Director, Rity has witnessed the growth of not just of her career and RingCentral but really the entire sales industry. Looking back at her journey, it’s clear that all her success boils down to her innate skills, determination, and willingness to learn.

Never one to boast, Rity says she is lucky to work with the best people in her field and to be part of an organization that knows how to treat its employees right and fair. However, she also recognizes that unfairness and inequity are still rampant across many different industries.

Grinding for Equality

Having dedicated the majority of her life to sales, Rity knows how to get herself motivated for the day. And coffee has played its part over the years. It’s been part of her daily grind, literally. And as a result of years of hard work, she now enjoys the privilege of having her coffee exactly the way she likes it. According to her, she considers herself blessed for having the access to any blend, any type of beans, and even the fanciest method of preparation. That’s just how much she loves coffee.

This passion has given birth to her vision of providing everyone access to quality coffee. She believes that no matter one’s economic and social status, they should be given the same privilege as anyone else. It is her dream to start a non-governmental organization (NGO) to promote social entrepreneurship and help connect local farmers to different coffee shops. This dream project aims to be beneficial to all stakeholders: producing more affordable coffee for everyone and boosting the livelihood of local farmers.




Rity believes that this “coffee situation” is representative of a greater injustice in our society –– gender-based discrimination. She has been privileged to be part of a company that doesn’t judge and discriminate based on gender. Instead, RingCentral rewards employees based on their skills. “I wish I could say that for the construction, transportation, and those other sectors that prefer men more because they assume that only men can acquire the required skill sets,” she said.

Rity wants to challenge all industries to take gender out of the equation when hiring people. She also challenges other companies to focus more on skills and capabilities, not on gender and sexuality. She believes it’s time for us to create a world that puts emphasis on people’s core competencies. “After all, you are where you are now not because of your gender, but because of what you’re capable of.”


Originally published Mar 30, 2021, updated Apr 06, 2021

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