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When your coworkers are your customers: Zach Bondurant


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Shining the Employee Spotlight on Support Specialist Zach Bondurant.

Being the world’s #1 business communication platform means delivering for customers 24/7/365. But we can’t do that unless we’re able to keep ourselves up and running 24/7/365. For Charlotte, N.C. -based Desktop Support Specialist/UCaaS Engineer Zach Bondurant, it’s all in a day’s work. 


Supporting the people who support the people

The RingCentral platform is constantly evolving. Which means RingCentral’s employees have to not only be working with the latest technology, but well-versed in it.

“In our role, RingCentral employees are our customers.  We send out communications to the entire organization highlighting upcoming features, and write the documentation to help our employees better understand the technology, so they’re better able to help our customers. I want to make sure our people get the same level of attention we give our large customers.”


New? Yes. Noob? No. 

Zach has only been in his current role a short time. But he says RingCentral’s onboarding process has made accessing critical resources easy. 

“Resolution is a big part of what I do, and that means knowing who to contact and when. Not to be overly modest, but there’s a lot more intelligent and technical people (at RingCentral) than myself. So the onboarding that’s required to know where those resources are and how to use them has definitely been critical to my success.“


Smart growth

The world all ended up working from home at once. In a seismic shift like that, there are bound to be growing pains. Bondurant thinks RingCentral is perfectly positioned to manage them. 

“I think RingCentral fits in perfectly with the ways that people are working now. And I definitely see us moving to  more hybrid environments, not just RingCentral specifically but in general. I think the pandemic and a combination of outside forces have spotlighted the fact that there’s not necessarily the need for everyone to be physically in the same location anymore. We’re finding people are just as productive, arguably even more so working in the environment that’s most comfortable for their lifestyle. Now, are there more variables in play with people dispersed among thousands of locations versus a few dedicated sites? Definitely. But in terms of the backbone and infrastructure of RingCentral’s core product, nothing really changes. We’re very lucky and blessed that the product is designed to be as flexible as it is. That’s what ensures this success of all our employees – my customers –  no matter where they’re working.”


Light on our feet

Bandwidth can be a challenge for a globally dispersed workforce. But an intelligent approach to continuous development can keep everyone up and running. 

“As workforces get more dispersed bandwidth can present a problem. But with optimizations to the software, we can hope to mitigate some of that impact—and the product gets better all the time. In terms of optimizing the connectivity and reducing impacts there’s only so much you can do—we can’t fix bandwidth—but the way video has improved since launch is phenomenal. What used to be very bandwidth and CPU intensive is now, thanks to the hard work of all of our development teams, a much, much lighter footprint than before.”


When small feels big

Continuous improvement doesn’t always come with tons of fanfare. Sometimes, says Bondurant, small changes have a big impact. 

“Having folders being added to the RingCentral app is huge. As we’ve all experienced, (RingCentral employees) get added to teams almost on a daily basis, and just being able to better manage all the various teams and roles—adding folders just makes it so much easier. Especially where we are working with so many different departments all at once and now we can deal with and rearrange them and in a way that’s more logical—at least to me.”


As a new father (congratulations!) Zach isn’t getting a lot of shuteye these days. But with a solid platform and a world of support, he’s not losing too much sleep over work. 



Originally published Apr 01, 2021, updated Dec 30, 2022

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