Comprehensive Blood and Cancer Center (CBCC) is the nation’s largest, free-standing, privately held comprehensive cancer center. Over the years, CBCC has provided patients world-class, integrated cancer treatment through the use of innovative technology. Just as we use cutting-edge medical technology to treat our patients, we believe we need the best available communications technology to allow our patients and medical staff to be in close contact. Our patients are typically going through very complicated, often very aggressive treatments, so communication and compassion are vital parts of the overall care we provide. And, of course, it’s critical that all of the members of our healthcare team are able to communicate effectively with one another.

Our legacy PBX system was really chaining us down in both regards. We knew we needed a new communications solution that was more versatile, efficient, and easier to use for both patients and staff. The new solution had to enable calls to our offices to roll over to our mobile phones to reach us wherever we might be, be scalable and, of course, it had to be HIPAA compliant. It also had to be able to support CBCC’s growth.

Our research convinced us that RingCentral was the best possible communications solution for CBCC. Our medical and management teams can communicate and collaborate much more effectively now, and patient care has improved immensely.

When I was asked to talk about our move to RingCentral, I was delighted to do so. You can learn more about our success story here.