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Following up with three Transition N2Tech grads who have joined the RingCentral team.


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  • The tech industry often suffers from a lack of diversity — leaving underrepresented people behind while barring businesses from benefiting from untapped talent. 
  • The RingCentral Transition N2 Tech apprenticeship program helps people jumpstart their tech careers by removing gatekeepers and providing hands-on experience. 

Last November, we sat down with three members of our Transition N2Tech program to discuss the realities underrepresented people face when trying to launch a technology career. We’re proud to announce that Isaac Pyram, James Sagastume, and Charity Myers are all now graduates of the Transition N2 Tech program…and full-time RingCentral employees. We recently followed up  to hear about  their experience in the program and what they recommend for others considering the same path. 

Storming the gates.

James Sagastume

James and Isaac, who joined us as full-time application security engineers, recognized the restrictiveness of the tech industry early on in their career search. “There is still a lot of gatekeeping where underserved, underprivileged groups have a much harder time getting in.” Isaac acknowledged.

“RingCentral dare[s] to be different and take a chance on someone with the raw ambition to want to make it change,” James shares. Instead of limiting who has access to the company, the Transition N2Tech program expands the field by investing in people who may not have the experience, but have the skills and desire to learn and grow. 

Getting the word out.

Charity Myers

Removing barriers to the tech industry is important, but it’s not the full picture. Charity, who’s now working full-time as a UX Interaction Designer for RingCentral, shed some light on the importance of simply making the information about these opportunities available.

“I was interested in making apps, but I didn’t even know there was a name for people who do that stuff,” Charity recalls. It took years between the time she first became interested in technology and the time she found a viable entry point — which tells us there’s a real need for more effective outreach and opportunity out there. 

Closing the gap. 

Isaac Pyram

The tech industry is not always the most diverse workforce. This not only hurts specific companies, who miss out on a variety of perspectives and skills, but it also makes it harder for underrepresented people to get into the space. Transition N2Tech blows past the traditional “you need experience, but how do you get it” -barrier by giving underrepresented candidates the opportunity to jump right into the action. “The team behind Transition N2Tech is really solid, very helpful, and helped me feel prepared,” Charity shares.

RingCentral is eager to reap the rewards of having a diverse and talented team. In fact, apprentices make tangible contributions to daily operations. “It’s amazing to see that your work is actually being used internally,” James shares. It’s a win-win for everyone involved. 

The Transition N2Tech program isn’t just about having the opportunity to join RingCentral. It’s primarily aimed at helping underserved individuals kick-start their tech careers. “Everyone has made outstanding contributions to RingCentral and to their personal resumes,” says Pyram.

A Different Way Of Hiring

RingCentral’s Transition N2 Tech program was birthed out of a realization that entire communities were being ignored by the technology industry. It’s designed to provide alternative entry points for people who may or may not have tech experience, may or may not have attended or completed college, or people already in the workforce with a solid work ethic, but no industry experience.  Transition N2 Tech invests in this talent-rich group by giving them the experience they need through apprenticeships with the industry’s best. By taking a more directed approach toward underserved applicants, we’re able to expand our talent pool — and your opportunities. If you never thought you could be a part of the future of communications, and you want to be – we’re  actively looking for you. 

Originally published Mar 22, 2022, updated Dec 30, 2022

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