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RingCentral Integrated Calling Enhances Mobile Calling Experience for iPhone Users


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Today we’re announcing our latest innovation for Apple phone users: an enhancement offering hassle-free call handling and improved interactivity for mobile handsets.

Whether at work or at play, the average person today is on the go more than ever, and also relies more heavily than ever on his or her smartphone. These users need streamlined functions to maximize their productivity. RingCentral’s Integrated Calling feature answers that need.

Easy, one-touch incoming call functionality

The feature is an enhancement that includes a new capability provided by Apple, CallKit. It leverages the latest iOS 10 platform tools to simplify the way users handle incoming calls from a locked screen or when on an active call. By enabling this feature, the RingCentral app performs as a native iPhone application so users can pick up and respond to calls without password input or unlocking their handset; there’s no more fumbling with the incoming call push notification. In addition, when engaged on an active call, users can now easily interact with new incoming calls using one-touch controls to answer, reject, or send calls to voicemail. These intuitive controls also provide users with the option to simultaneously place the existing call on hold or to terminate it.

Available in the latest RingCentral release, this enhancement facilitates greater ease of use and provides users with protection against accidental call drops or complicated call switching processes. Additional controls include built-in instant messaging, call-back reminders within the same interface, and the ability to return RingCentral calls from the native call log. The enhancement also includes native Bluetooth support so users can control their RingCentral calls using Bluetooth devices.

Rapid enhancements mean more empowered mobile users

We created Integrated Calling because we’re committed to providing enterprise and mid-market customers with anytime, anywhere, any device phone capabilities across mobile phone platforms. We’ve already enabled the feature for Android, and with the current enhancement, we’re making VoIP a first-class citizen for RingCentral Mobile app users on iOS devices as well. With iOS 10’s release just over two months ago, we knew we wanted to get CallKit functionality into our users’ hands as quickly as possible; our commitment to being both a facilitator of mobile ease of use and a technical leader helped quicken our pace.

CallKit requires iOS version 10.x and RingCentral mobile app version 8.3.1


Originally published Nov 18, 2016, updated Jan 30, 2023

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