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How to Build Your Brand Online with a Shoestring Budget


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building website Every organization should have an online presence of some kind, whether it is a local business listing, Facebook fan page, or Google Plus profile. Fortunately, the price of developing a site has reduced significantly within the past few years and organic search still plays an important role in driving traffic to a website. Whatever the purpose of your company’s site, whether it’s generating new leads or redefining the company’s image, a business website is often the first place a person goes to find more information about a brand, product or service offered.

Everyone is building their online reputation these days, but with endless limitations on the world wide web, restrictions found in our tight budgets can make these opportunities seem unavailable. While advertising and marketing can be expensive, especially when boosting a brand name, there are still many low-cost and free ways to get the word out on the internet without breaking the bank.

Other entrepreneurs have had success with boosting sales, marketing their product or service, even showcasing their brand utilizing some clever tips and tricks. Here are some of their proven methods for success:

Neil Patel Uses His Location

Before Neil Patel became one of the top influencers on the online marketplace, he used a popular location—the Seattle Hyatt—as his home and business base. By incorporating this popular Hyatt branch into his marketing strategy, he associated his start-up brand with that place. This generated search results tied into that Seattle location with more traffic to his business and website. He says, “By no means am I saying that you should claim random locations on localized search, but you should claim at least the location of your office or wherever you operate your business from.”

Timothy Sykes Gives Good Advice

Entrepreneur, millionaire trader and broker, Timothy Sykes, used popular message boards to give free advice online and managed to get over 5,000 monthly visitors to his website increasing his revenue to $150,000 per month.

There are many ways to use social media and internet advice platforms to work for you without a monetary investment. You can leverage them effectively by offering your valuable insights and linking back to your site.

Mark Suster is a Guest Author

Successful entrepreneur turned venture capitalist, Mark Suster is getting his name and the title of his VP company, GRP Partners, seen online by being a guest author on popular blogging platforms. Sometimes it is difficult to get your own blog moving, but hot sites like Mashable and TechCrunch are usually looking for new content.

By showcasing unique knowledge about your particular business or industry, your can be seen by hundreds, thousands, sometimes even millions, on these blogging platforms. Posting your short biography along with links will lead to greater traffic to your website and increased brand awareness. The use of links and content marketing will also improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts.

Anyone can use Social Media for FREE

Anyone can leverage social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ without investing a dime out-of-pocket. The key is to be patient. Building your online presence with social networking takes time: it doesn’t happen overnight. Create profiles on all the popular platforms and share interesting, relevant content that will eventually become an excellent source of traffic.

Use your time instead of your bank account, to better locate your business brand for customers, give them valuable advice, build your brand on social media, and blog your way to success online.

What advice can you share with new business owners or entrepreneurs looking to start a new business?

Originally published Nov 20, 2014, updated Aug 12, 2020

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