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Award-Winning Innovation: RingEX with RingSense AI Named Overall Best of Enterprise Connect 2024


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RingEX with RingSense AI is redefining the role of the phone in the workplace, transforming it from a mere communication tool into a proactive, personal assistant for employees. Unveiled to the industry at Enterprise Connect 2024 and recognized with the prestigious Best of Enterprise Connect Overall Best Award, RingEX with RingSense AI is setting the stage for a new era of AI at work. 

What is the Overall Best of Enterprise Connect Award?

Enterprise Connect is the leading conference and exhibition for enterprise communications and customer experience. The Best of Enterprise Connect awards recognize excellence and innovation in the enterprise communications and collaboration industry. Judges reviewed entries with a focus on factors including technology advancement, innovation and business impact. RingSense AI was named Overall Best among 6 other finalists. 

RingSense AI’s winning formula

Natively built on RingCentral’s robust and trusted cloud communication platform, RingSense AI provides a personal AI assistant that delivers tangible benefits across a wide spectrum of user needs. New industry-first RingSense AI capabilities provide real-time note-taking, enhance detail recall with GPT’s semantic search, and unlock insights from all conversations. Additionally, it aids in composing messages and supports smarter decision-making. These features collectively contribute to significant time-saving advantages for users of various personas. 

RingEX with RingSense AI stands out in the crowded field of business communication solutions, offering a blend of unmatched reliability, versatility, and innovation. Here are the key features that position it as the premier choice for businesses seeking to leverage the full potential of AI in their communications:

The solution’s defining feature is its real-time AI note-taking, tailored for calls. It’s like having a personal assistant that accurately documents all the key aspects of a conversation that are important, making notes highly digestible, actionable and referenceable on-the-spot. Its ability to instantly and easily share these notes via chat, email, SMS, and more, allows for seamless integration into daily workflows. 

This technology transforms the nature of phone calls, offering instant, precise note-taking and essential insights in real-time to reclaim valuable time and boost productivity, suitable for all the basic and advanced calling use cases that RingCentral supports.

RingEX with RingSense AI delivers four cutting-edge solutions

Industry impact: How Ring EX with RingSense AI advances enterprise communications

By automating note-taking and providing instant access to key insights, RingEX with RingSense AI allows users to focus more on the creative, strategic, and interpersonal aspects of their work. This not only enhances productivity but also improves the overall quality and efficacy of workplace interactions. 

RingEX with RingSense AI heralds a new frontier in business communication, where the phone becomes an extension of the employee, effortlessly handling routine tasks and enabling a higher level of efficiency and workplace intelligence.

Read more about how RingCentral is reimagining business communications with real-time AI in this announcement and blog post

Originally published Mar 26, 2024

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