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An Introduction to Cloud Telephony


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Everyone has witnessed the explosion of hosted email, data storage and software applications – otherwise known as the ‘cloud’. But how aware are you of telephony’s migration into the cloud?

With cloud telephony, business telephone systems can match the pace of change that businesses require. The limitations of being tied to specific individual numbers are no more. External hosting allows calls to be manipulated through a simple online interface. The remarkable thing is, a single number can reach anyone, anywhere.

The move from traditional telephone systems to online call management can be very attractive for a business. Here’s a run-down of the main benefits of a cloud phone solution:

Streamlined business phone numbers

Multiple landline and mobile numbers can create a disjointed network, making it complicated to handle calls effectively. A hosted system means one number can act as a company’s ‘front door’. This makes it easy for customers to get in contact, as they always have the right number to dial.

Reduced risk of calls going unanswered

Whether you are fully mobile or just stepping out the office, not being available to answer calls may be costing you business. A cloud telephone system allows calls to follow people wherever they are, whatever number they are on. Businesses can minimise the risk of missing out on potential customers.

Grow without additional set-up and outlay

Cloud telephony is entirely scalable in line with a business’ growth. There is no burden of installing additional hardware, and it won’t cost to set-up additional team members. Everything is already taken care of.

Present a more professional image

There’s no longer a need to invest in expensive phone infrastructures in order to get a ‘big business’ image. A single 0800, 0845 or local number can really boost a customer’s perception of professionalism. Plus, with customisable greetings and auto-attendant menu systems, a business can also sound the part.

Improve coordination between different departments and/or locations

Customers want to get through to the right person as quickly as possible. A cloud-based business phone system allows a business to direct calls to employees and departments, wherever their location. It becomes easier to deliver a simple experience for customers.

Save money on calls

Cloud telephony often comes with the added benefit of reduced call rates when compared with existing telecoms providers.

Traditional phone systems can be a limiting factor for a smaller business trying to compete with their bigger, more technologically sophisticated rivals. But with any business now able to harness the power of the cloud, it’s game on!

Originally published Aug 12, 2013, updated Aug 07, 2020

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