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A New Era for RingCentral Business Analytics


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RingCentral Analytics is widely recognized as the leading solution for UCaaS insights. IT administrators love our analytics solutions because it’s simple to deploy and manage, helps them diagnose and resolve issues faster, and is a force multiplier for ROI.

We’re thrilled to announce that we’re bringing the same powerhouse analytics capabilities to line of business leaders with the general availability release of Line of Business Analytics. 

With the transition from beta to general availability, we’ll introduce new packaging and pricing, enhanced data retention flexibility, and a new name: RingCentral Business Analytics.  

What is RingCentral Business Analytics?

Business Analytics provides insights to line of business leaders in departments like sales, support, marketing, and more. These insights empower them to make data-driven decisions that can boost revenue and reduce costs. 

It’s also customizable so you can measure and optimize what matters to you. Sharing reports is effortless and there’s no need to download additional software, simplifying the process of democratizing data within your organization.

What’s new now that Business Analytics is generally available?

Packages that fit your needs

During the beta period, our teams worked to make major improvements to the solution. It’s now more flexible, secure, and data-rich than ever. 

We also heard feedback from our beta customers about the tools and data that mattered most to them. Some needed basic reporting while others needed a comprehensive tool. 

As a result, there will be two different Business Analytics packages available to you. Business Analytics Essentials offers powerful, out-of-the-box insights to line of business leaders that don’t need customized dashboards or filters. Business Analytics Essentials will eventually replace Performance Reports, a solution that enables you to combine user, queue, and call activity to evaluate performance. 

Business Analytics Pro will be the choice for those that need an ever richer set of data and more customization. Users will be able to customize dashboards and filters, create custom KPIs, and choose longer data retention periods for even greater historical perspective.

Both Business Analytics Essentials and Business Analytics Pro are included in many RingCentral solutions. Find your RingCentral package in the chart below to see which version you’re entitled to:

Legacy Packages Current Packages
Essentials Standard Premium Ultimate Core Advanced Ultra
Business Analytics Essentials

 (6 months storage)

Business Analytics Pro 

(1 year storage)

add-on add-on add-on
Data retention periods

 24, 36 months (Requires Pro)

add-on add-on add-on add-on add-on

Requires package upgrade   Included

Feature comparison between Essentials and Pro

To understand the differences between the Business Analytics packages, here’s a high-level feature comparison:

Business Analytics Essentials Business Analytics Pro
Pre-built dashboards
Global dashboards filters
Custom dashboard 
Widget-level filters
Comprehensive metrics Limited
Custom KPIs
Custom widgets
Private, public and & dashboard sharing
6 months storage included
12 months storage included
24- 36-month storage option (add-on)

Longer data retention for more powerful insights

Storing your communications data for an extended time can serve many purposes. You may need to archive data for compliance or discovery purposes. You can also discover historical trends, forecast demand, and staff with greater accuracy by leveraging your communications data. With Business Analytics Pro, you can store up to 36 months of data to meet your needs.

Your Next Steps with RingCentral Business Analytics

Users from companies of all sizes and industries have been leveraging Business Analytics Pro during the beta period. As a thank you for participating, every Business Analytics beta customer will continue to be entitled to Business Analytics Pro through the expiration of their current RingCentral agreement. But in order to retain access to Business Analytics Pro, you may need to take action with your renewal.

RingCentral Essentials and Core customers

RingCentral Business Analytics is not included in RingCentral Essentials and Core packages. For continued access after your renewal, you’ll need to choose a RingCentral package that best aligns with your Business Analytics needs.

RingCentral Standard, Premium, and Advanced customers

Business Analytics Essentials with six months of storage is included with these packages. For continued access to Business Analytics Pro or longer data retention periods, upgrade to RingCentral Ultra or purchase it as an add-on.

RingCentral Ultimate and Ultra customers

Customers with Ultimate and Ultra are automatically entitled to Business Analytics Pro with 12 months of data storage. If you’d like to extend your data storage period, contact your account manager.

Originally published Feb 26, 2024

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