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Live Reports provides rich call center analytics in real time

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  • Live Reports offers real-time performance analytics for contact center managers
  • See key data and KPIs such as service level, call volume, agent availability, and more
  • Now FREE with RingCentral Office Premium edition


While contact centers face many challenges on a regular basis, this year has been exceptionally trying. In just a matter of weeks, agents everywhere were uprooted from their office lives and sent to work from home—an unprecedented circumstance in the contact center world.

Yet, despite the rollercoaster of workplace transformations, there’s one thing that hasn’t changed: the goal of delivering exceptional customer service. Customers expect a best-in-class experience every time they engage with their favorite businesses, and despite the new work paradigm, contact center teams continue striving to meet those expectations.

More visibility and better decision making with Live Reports

In order to meet those expectations, however, contact center teams need more than just a phone system. Business managers whose teams communicate with customers need as much data as possible to get complete visibility into their operations and make effective business decisions. That’s where Live Reports comes into play.

Live Reports, a RingCentral Office add-on, allows managers to see, in real time, exactly how their teams are handling inbound and outbound calls with customers. 

With custom widgets and key performance indicators such as average talk time, handle time, and visibility into agent status and service levels, managers can ensure smooth operations, while also leveraging data to identify which areas need the most attention.

Benefits of real-time performance analytics

1. Improve the customer experience

With service level, agent availability, call volume, and agent details, business managers can use those insights to improve customer experience. For example, if an agent consistently takes longer than average on calls, managers can provide feedback and guidance on specific interactions to help improve their performance and speed of resolution. 

2. Ensure proper staffing at all times

Improper staffing can directly impact customer satisfaction, especially when customers have to wait for long periods to speak to an agent. With Live Reports, managers can monitor call spike patterns and plan staffing levels accordingly, or add agents in real time to meet any surges in call volumes.

3. Monitor from anywhere

Many of today’s contact center agents work remotely, which makes it difficult to track the entire team’s overall performance. And studies show that remote work is here to stay—even after the pandemic. 

With Live Reports, managers have access to all the information, at all times, accessible on any device. This enables them to closely monitor the team and ensure business is running like clockwork—even when remote. 

A better customer experience

Business needs and customer calling patterns are always changing, and managers have a tough job balancing both in a cost-effective, scalable manner.  Live Reports ensures that your organization’s contact center managers have full visibility into their team’s performance, allowing them to make changes wherever they feel necessary to provide the best customer service possible.

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Originally published Nov 03, 2020, updated Jan 30, 2023

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