sales growthSelling is a vital aspect of any business. While many business owners do not like to consider themselves ‘sales people’ in reality business owners are actually major sales people, and they’re the ones who best know their products or services.

What are some key sales’ skills and how can they further be developed?

Most of the tips listed below will be familiar to you, but you must be wondering, how do you apply this to become a better business person? The key is to recognize any gaps you have in the tips outlined and then develop your skills in those areas.

It’s important to understand what leads to a more ‘natural sell’ is centered on confidence. We all dislike hard sells and pushy sales individuals so it is simply about striking a balance. You need to be looked at as confident and avoid being described as arrogant. So how do you achieve this?

1) Know the product or service you offer

This is basic to your business success. If you do not know your product or service you will not feel comfortable talking about it, and selling it. If you want to develop your knowledge about what it is that you’re actually trying to sell then you should find resources to help you do this better. Whether it’s a brochure, product or sales manuals, sales training and materials, technical staff or senior staff with deep knowledge; the key is to find what works for you, and use it to your advantage.

2) Speak naturally

Speak naturally regarding what you do and the kind of services you offer. A potential customer that is interested in your offer is more likely to ask questions and engage you in a conversation about what it is that you’re selling. Sharing information freely will help you build a positive relationship with a potential client.

Positive relationships develop sales leads more than any other way of lead generation. Word of mouth drive sales more than any other form of lead generation, even in the current digital world! Think of your network and whether or not you’re leveraging the opportunities being offered to you.

3) Believe in what you’re selling

Genuine belief and having passion in your products and services will help get you more sales. It is important to be clear, keep it brief, and always remember to express the benefits of your products and services to prospective clients or customers. People are always focused on what’s in it for them. Ensure you keep your customers and their needs at the top of your conversation and discuss how your products and services can benefit them.

4) Actively listen to your customers

Everyone is different and most buyers have various needs they are looking to meet. Listen to any objections or concerns they have so that you can effectively respond to them. Be mindful not to interrupt your prospects when they try to express their concerns. And know that there are situations where it’s OK to turn down a potential sale if you realize that both parties needs and expectations can’t be realistically met.

5) Be patient

Be patient with your esteemed customers and be aware of social cues and body language. This applies to your own tone of voice and body language, and that of your customers. This will help you be able to gauge interest or disinterest, allowing you to identify when it is time to seek clarification, speak and when it is necessary to listen or emphasize what has been said to be sure that you’ve been listening!

What tips do you have for effective selling? Share with us in the comments below.