3 keys to successful work from home

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To an office-body, working from home sounds like a blast—until you suddenly find yourself doing so for the first time and realize you’re not 100% sure how to best operate. After all, not every in-office practice translates to a remote equivalent.

Employees who are used to being in the office daily may feel “off” and struggle with a sudden adjustment to working from home. When in doubt, keep it simple by following these guidelines to successfully work from home.

1. Telecommuting communication strategies

2. Essential tech tools for remote teams

3. Keeping remote employees connected

It might take a couple of days for you to get into the rhythm, but you’ll start settling in soon. Learn more about how to be productive while working from home by reading our post on 10 tips for working from home.

Originally published Mar 25, 2020, updated Jan 23, 2021

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