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Award season: announcing our 2021 Flip2Glip Video Contest winners


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  • Creative videos dramatize the ways job seekers are incorporating Glip into their lives
  • Winners get a guaranteed interview with RingCentral—and up to $1,500 cash


Anyone who wants to join RingCentral gets to know Glip (now RingCentral Video Pro), with good reason: Glip is the tool we use to interview, keep in contact with recruiters, share opportunities and more.  But Glip is much more than a tool for getting a job. (Although it’s really great for that.) How much more? We decided to ask the applicants themselves. 


Flip2Glip Video Contest

Our first-ever “Flip2Glip Video Contest” asked applicants to submit a short, creative video showing us how Glip has transformed the ways they connect, chat and work from anywhere. 

We told contestants: “Show us how you use Glip. Tell us how it feels to work from anywhere. Or how great it is to ditch your old solution” — and they took it from there.  


The envelopes, please.

The entries came pouring in, and it was obvious that an incredible amount of time, energy and creativity went into each entry. It wasn’t easy to pick three favorites, but the judges have reached their decision. 


And the winners are: 


3rd Prize: $750 + Guaranteed Interview:

Sheila Shariat — “Why Everyone Should Flip2Glip.”


2nd Prize: $1,000 + Guaranteed Interview:

Llanza Reyes – “Sisters Flip2Glip”


1st Prize: $1,500 + Guaranteed Interview:

Lauren Dove — “GlipNoir”


Honorable Mention:

Mikhail Danchenkov: “The World Has Stopped”

Kendall Richards – “Glip Is…”


All our contestants obviously put a ton of work and creativity into their projects – which didn’t make things easy for our judges, but certainly showcased the high level of talent RingCentral is attracting these days. We want to thank all our contestants for their hard work, and say a big congratulations to our winners! #strongertogether

Originally published Apr 13, 2021, updated Dec 08, 2021

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