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2020 RingTern Program: it’s Better. It’s Virtual!


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An internship is a springboard for your future. Not just in terms of a name on your resume and a few experiences gathered. It can define your outlook on what you look for in a job, your career, and success as a whole. Internships also serve a very important purpose: they bring energy, new ideas, and a fresh approach to the businesses that host them. 

This year, we’ve seen many businesses decide that, given what the global situation is, they will cancel their internship programs for the 2020 summer. When our teams first read the initial announcements, they knew that would be unacceptable for the business. Instead, the university recruiting team pivoted to how they could continue to offer a high caliber experience. 

So, for the 2020 summer, we at RingCentral are not going to pause the future and hold back on the potential for great things for our teams and the interns who we will be working with. Instead, I’m proud to announce that, much like our offices have shifted to operate while working remotely, we will be shifting to a fully remote and virtual internship program. 

This year’s program highlights include: 

  • RingTern Summit
    Our program kick-off event motivates and inspires first-year interns for their summer goals and their future careers. Having it be remote this year has made it possible to have some great external speakers. This year we will be hearing from amazing leaders like Meredith Morales-Senior Global Program Manager, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging at LinkedIn and Olaf J. Groth–CEO of Cambrian Futures LLC & Cambrian Designs Inc. 
  • Disrupt 2020
    We provide interns with a very unique opportunity and experience–they work in groups on a challenge to come up with a concept feature for our product that could be possibly put into production. This is a central project for our interns and has led to amazing results in the past. 
  • Direct experience
    Our interns are expected to deliver. This is not a place to phone it in or just pick up coffee. Our interns learn while on the job, being coached while also participating in projects and programs that lead to business results. As an intern, you have the opportunity to impact the future of a global organization.

We hope that this experience will be a great lesson for incoming interns. In your career you adapt, pivot, change direction – but you don’t give up. We couldn’t be more excited for the coming summer with our amazing interns. 

Learn more about our internship program. 


Originally published Apr 15, 2020, updated Dec 30, 2022

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