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RingCentral Achieves 100th U.S. Patent Milestone


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At RingCentral, we believe that technology innovation is creating positive change. This month marks a milestone in our efforts to create an entire culture dedicated to this entrepreneurial innovation, with our 100th patent being issued.  

But we don’t stop with patents. Today’s digital economy requires organizations to connect more people, devices, applications, and data than ever before to drive business value. We understand that the way to address this increasingly complex challenge is to take a holistic approach by building a complete unified communications and collaboration platform that leverages the best digital technologies.

What’s exciting to me is that today’s incarnation of this technology is just a starting point. Going forward, there will be a lot more to unify beyond what we used to call unified communications. The way we see it, and what we strive to do, is unify workplace experiences, not just technologies.

For additional information, you can view our press announcement.

Originally published Nov 14, 2016, updated Sep 01, 2021

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