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RingCentral MVP: 10 team messaging features everyone should know about


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Great work starts with great communication—and with RingCentral, great communication starts with team messaging.

Whether you need to make a phone call, join a video meeting, or find or share a document, team messaging in the RingCentral app is at the center of your entire communication stack. It’s the app employees use to start and end their workdays.


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Let’s take a look at some must-know team messaging features and how they can improve collaboration.


1. Send a direct message

For quick clarity, checking in, and simple conversations, nothing beats the simplicity of direct messaging.

In RingCentral, direct messages are intuitive and easy to use. In just a click, you can message anyone in your company or message entire groups or teams.


2. Create a team

Create team gif

The ability to easily set up teams is one of the core features of RingCentral. Messaging teams are an easy way to bring people together, centralize conversations and document and information sharing, and keep everything organized.

Teams work for just about any purpose. You can set up a team for specific projects, as a group for members of a specific business unit, or create interest-based groups designed to bring coworkers together just for fun.


3. Forward a message to another colleague

With RingCentral, it’s simple to pass along texts, files, and links. This allows you to quickly share information with no loss of context.


4. Bookmark a message

Busy teams are constantly sharing discussions and information. But a deluge of communications can create challenges finding the information you need quickly when you need it.

It’s easy to flag important information in team messaging for later reference with just a click. This bookmarking feature is especially helpful for messages that aren’t specifically action items (use tasks to stay on top of those!) but that you know you’ll need to look at again in the future.


5. Search

The search feature is another fast way to quickly find what you need in team messaging. 

Our powerful search feature can instantly comb through anything you’ve ever said or shared in a chat. And filters for specific users, teams, and time posted can help you home in on what you’re looking for even faster.


6. Create a personal folder

Everyone has their own way of staying organized—and in team messaging, it’s easy to set up your conversations just the way you want them.

Personal folders provide a way to categorize your conversations so they’re meaningful and useful for you: customize and color-code folder names, and rearrange folders, direct messages, and favorites within any folder, all with easy drag-and-drop functionality. 


7. Customize your left navigation menu

The ability to customize the tabs in your left navigation menu allows you to keep the conversations you want right at your fingertips. Just drag and drop to order your tabs however you want them to appear.


8. Share RingCentral video recordings

RingCentral Video share recordings gif

Busy schedules mean there may be times when not all members of a team can attend a meeting. But the ability to instantly share video meeting recordings directly with colleagues can help everyone on the team stay up to date.


9. Attach a video from your smartphone gallery

The more seamlessly people can share information, the easier it is to stay aligned. The ability to instantly attach videos in the RingCentral mobile app right from your smartphone makes sharing easy by eliminating complicated extra steps. 


10. Share files from cloud storage or your mobile device

Due to the large size of some files and the need to access content from anywhere, businesses have become reliant on cloud-based storage solutions such as DropBox, Box, and OneDrive. 

We make it easy to share files that live on these popular platforms in click right from your mobile device.


Your digital workspace

These features are just a small sample of what makes the RingCentral app your work-from-anywhere champion. If you haven’t already, be sure to download the RingCentral desktop and mobile apps here.

Originally published Mar 02, 2022, updated Dec 30, 2022

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