Single Sign-On

Use your company credentials to automatically log in to your RingCentral account.

RingCentral Single Sign-On (SSO) leverages the security of your own network to provide your users with a safe way to log in to RingCentral automatically. The feature integrates easily with most Identity Providers, making it quick and straightforward to set up your entire company.

Benefits of Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On login encourages your employees to adopt more work applications and tools with less effort, and provides:
  • Simplicity—Your users can sign in to the system with one set of validated credentials to access multiple work applications and tools. 
  • Convenience—Automatic logins with authentication reduce friction for your users, enhances the overall user experience, and supports work applications adoption.
  • Efficiency—Users no longer need to manage multiple usernames and passwords, which reduces the burden of password recoveries for your IT teams.
  • Security—A centralized, single authentication point provides better security and limits the phishing potential over your network.

Single Sign-On FAQs

What are the requirements?

  • The feature works with any Identity Provider supporting Security Assertion Markup Language 2.0 (SAML 2.0), the most current and widely adopted industry standard. Additionally, Single Sign-on is available to all RingCentral MVP Premium and Ultimate customers.

Which Identity Providers (IdP) do you support?

  • RingCentral Single Sign-On integrates easily with any Identity Provider that supports SAML 2.0, such as PingFederate, Okta, or your homegrown Identity Provider.

What happens when I add a new user to my RingCentral service?

  • Instructions for logging in to their new accounts with RingCentral Single Sign-On are included in the activation email sent to new users, along with their temporary password and PIN.

What happens to my devices that are already connected to RingCentral?

  • Once your company enables the feature, users will run through a one-time setup process. They will enter their email addresses and company credentials on the provider page to map their RingCentral accounts with your identity provider server. After that, all computers and mobile devices that are already linked to RingCentral accounts will continue to work as usual.

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