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Win-win. (Win.)

RingCentral partnership with Mitel is good news for companies, customers — and job seekers.


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  • On November 9, RingCentral and Mitel announced a partnership making RingCentral Mitel’s exclusive UCaaS partner.
  • This unique partnership offers a migration path to RingCentral’s MVP cloud communications platform for Mitel’s 35 million+ user base.


Racing to the cloud.

When it comes to cloud migration, if you’re not leading the pack, it’s easy to be left in the dust. So it’s no wonder the industry press was so impressed with the recent RingCentral/Mitel partnership. RingCentral VP of Global Strategic Channel Partners Mike Conlon describes the partnership as a win-win-win.

“For customers, (the partnership) is a chance to migrate to the leading platform in both UCaaS and CCaaS (Customer Center as-a-Service) in the industry today. They’re going to get features and functionality they haven’t been able to access up to now, and they’re going to get incredible support at every step. For Mitel, they’re able to provide their customers the best possible path to the cloud – instantly. And for RingCentral, obviously, we love having the opportunity to grow our customer base and show customers and partners just how fantastic the MVP (Message, Video, Phone) platform is.”


Open to opportunity.

As powerful as the partnership is for both businesses and their customers, Conlon thinks some of the most exciting opportunities could be for employees. 

“We’re the exclusive UCaaS provider for Mitel. And that’s going to afford us the opportunity to not only have a deeper partnership with them, but really open up potential to do a lot of unique things for the Mitel customer base. When their customers are ready to migrate to the cloud, we’ll be there, with custom solutions, tailored to their needs. So you have to ask yourself what goes into that, from a staffing and support perspective?  The partnership is so new, I couldn’t completely answer that question yet, but I do know, we’re spending a lot of time focused on Lead Generation and Customer Migration right now, working on overall go-to-market strategies across different offers. What does that mean tomorrow? Six weeks from now? I’m already hiring a team dedicated to partner managers, and they’ll go out and recruit and onboard well over 1200 partners just in North America. Now expand that internationally, because Mitel might be known for their presence in North America, but they’re also really strong overseas. There’s well over four thousand partners that we have to go out and recruit for the international area of the business. We’re staffing for Sales, for Support, Product Management, and I’m sure Marketing as well.”


Fanatical customer focus. 

The RingCentral platform gives customers a feature-rich path to the cloud no one else can match. But that’s only as valuable as an individual customer’s ability to use those features. For Conlon, managing those customer relationships will be critical to the success of the partnership. 

“We’re proactively reaching out to partners and sharing about how to work with RingCentral, talking about some of ways we can help customers migrate, and really just providing a level of nurturing and caring. Each of our partners look at RingCentral as an extension of their existing relationships, and we know the question that matters most to them is, “how are you going to take care of my customers? I think once people really understand how fanatical RingCentral’s focus on the customer truly is, the sky is the limit.” 

Originally published Jan 06, 2022

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