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Why this global translation-services provider says deploying RingCentral MVP was its single best move of 2020


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  • The sales team’s productivity is up since rolling out the RingCentral outbound dialer feature.
  • The company’s employees now feel closer than ever, even with everyone working remotely, thanks to regular video meetings with RingCentral Video.
  • CEO Cody Broderick describes his team’s deployment of RingCentral MVP, including RingCentral Video, as the most beneficial move of 2020 for inWhatLanguage.

Breaking down language barriers all over the world

In today’s globally connected era, businesses worldwide are facing a common challenge: how to build relationships with customers, prospects, partners, and vendors who speak different languages.

Recognizing that this global business challenge would increase over time, in 2011 Cody Broderick formed inWhatLanguage—a translation and localization company designed to help businesses connect with people anywhere. The company’s comprehensive offering includes live interpretation services, document translation, and localizing content into the proper regional and cultural context.

Just 10 years after the company’s founding, the size and scope of its operations are staggering: 10,000 linguists, specializing in more than 200 languages, serving thousands of businesses in 125 countries. inWhatLanguage is also the go-to translation resource for many of the world’s leading brands—including businesses like Boeing, LEGO, Walmart, CVS, and Uber.

But as successful as inWhatLanguage has been at helping break down communication barriers for other businesses, the company’s telephony infrastructure was creating communication obstacles for its own team.

Disjointed communication systems that didn’t speak the same language

Like many businesses that experience rapid, exponential growth, inWhatLanguage built out its IT communications environment reactively: deploying new services, and adding capacity to existing systems, when the team needed them. But as Cody explains, this led to several telephony problems.

“Our solution was to just keep bolting on new tools. We used an outdated on-prem phone system, with landlines and desk phones, and we added capacity as needed. Then we implemented a separate system for team messaging. And then we rolled out yet another app for video conferencing. Nothing was connected to anything else, and that slowed down our communications.”

RingCentral’s unified solution bridges the company’s communications gaps

When another entrepreneur told Cody about his company’s wildly successful experience with RingCentral, Cody began researching the company’s unified cloud communications solution RingCentral MVP (Message, Video, Phone)—and he knew he’d found the answer to his company’s communication challenges.

“Everybody appreciates being able to take and make business calls from their computer or cell phone using the RingCentral app,” Cody says. “And I know this because we survey our employees’ satisfaction levels regularly, and the positive response to RingCentral has been overwhelming.”

“People really like how easy it is to set up and start a video call now because we’re all on the same RingCentral Video system and it’s integrated with our calendars. They’re also having a great time creating dedicated threads on RingCentral’s messaging platform—to discuss specific work topics, communicate with customers, and just have fun sharing stories with coworkers about their pets or hobbies.”

Breaking down language barrier with RingCentral MVP

Decoding raw data into actionable insights

As Cody notes, because inWhatLanguage’s legacy communication systems were all on different platforms, the company’s management team had difficulty extracting any meaningful business intelligence from its employees’ communications. Now, with RingCentral’s sophisticated reporting and analytics, the team is finally uncovering those insights.

“Our sales managers use RingCentral’s reports each day to gain more visibility than ever into our reps’ performance. And because all our communications now run through a central system—with detailed reporting capabilities—we can see and analyze everything: all calls, all call dispositions, the success rates of our SMS messaging campaigns, you name it. We’re learning so much about how to make our operations even better.”

Improving every area of the company’s operations

The team at inWhatLanguage is finding so many uses for their unified RingCentral solution, and using it so often throughout the day to communicate and collaborate, Cody describes his entire staff as power users.

“RingCentral makes it so easy to start or continue any type of communication that we’re all collaborating more now than ever—even through COVID. We’re sending each other messages all the time using RingCentral Team Messaging. Our reps are making more sales calls, thanks to RingCentral’s outbound dialer. Our teams are holding more video meetings now that we have RingCentral Video. And we’re generally staying closer with each other and our customers.”

In fact, Cody says, RingCentral is helping to improve the efficiency, productivity, and team cohesion of every area of the business.

“From making our daily internal communications easier, to improving our responsiveness to customers, to boosting our reps’ productivity, to using video and messaging to enhance our company culture, I honestly can’t name one area of our operations that we haven’t improved with RingCentral.”

Originally published Aug 19, 2021, updated Dec 30, 2022

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