Why Dimelo is only two years old!


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We created Dimelo in 2006, but I like to say that Dimelo is only two years old. Am I worrying too much about (it) aging? I don’t think so.

History 2.0

In 2006, iPhones and Twitter didn’t exist, and Facebook had not made it to France yet. Companies were talking about the web 2.0 but you couldn’t like or comment on a company website, and updates were not very frequent. That is when we created a brand forum solution (Feedback2.0) on the web, a unique digital channel.

Our task as software editors was already to connect customers and prospects with the company to provide support or information. But users were not really used to written exchanges yet. Brick-and-mortar stores and customer service telephone numbers were the most common customer-to-company communication channels.

For 30 years, companies had imposed the same Customer Relations processes on their customers – and we were trying to change the game.

The Social Media Revolution

Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, smartphones and “Unicorns” (Amazon, Uber, Airbnb, Blablacar) created a paradigm shift. New ways of managing relations between companies and customers emerged: as a customer, you are now placed in the middle of the company, rules are transparent, you give marks to products and services your purchase, and in case of a dispute, processes are simplified…

Our futuristic idea of simplifying relations between customers and companies thus took on its full meaning.

Companies have different types of customers, who don’t have the same digital and social habits. Some customers favour online customer accounts, while others prefer mobile apps such as Messenger or WeChat. But all in all, customers are becoming more and more “mobile”.

From Feedback2.0 to Dimelo

In 2006 we were a brand forum solution, but then we became a Customer Relations management solution on digital channels. We supported companies who wanted to attract and serve these new social, mobile and digital customers.

This evolution took place in two steps.

We started by connecting social media to our customer interaction management platform, and then we included traditional digital channels such as web forms, customer support emails and live chat.

For two years, we have been offering a solution covering all digital exchanges between companies and their customers. We have one simple goal: enabling companies to be present and manage their customer relations on the digital, social and mobile channels which their customers use.

The users’ habits are changing, companies are more and more interested in these digital hubs where their customers are, and the digital industry has matured overall. For all those reasons, it’s safe to say that for two years, our offer has been the right solutions for companies and their customers.

Today, we thrive to integrate new channels (Messenger, WeChat, WhatsApp…) and technologies (Internet of Things, Chatbots…) to our platforms so our clients can be present and efficient on each customer’s favourite channel.

Originally published Sep 30, 2016, updated Dec 30, 2022

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