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HypoVereinsbank Is Developing Its Online Client Forum

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HypoVereinsbank is one of Germany’s largest financial institutions. Its services are mostly aimed at private clients, private banking & wealth management, corporate and investment banking, etc. In early 2016, HypoVereinsbank chose Dimelo to reshape and manage its design, user features and client community in Germany.

An Innovative Relaunch For the Online Client Forum

With an Insight Community growing organically, the most pressing issue was to establish a reliable dialogue between HVB and its final clients, with the purpose of working on existing products and services in a closed framework.

Other Goals:

  • Knowing users’ opinions, needs and wishes
  • Extending HVB’s digital offer
  • Inciting involvement from current and prospective HVB clients
  • Continuous transparent reporting for expectation management regarding the development of projects
  • Enhancing HVB’s image and customer satisfaction rate
  • Creating a qualitative, valuable discussion framework for members, regardless of their client category
  • Developing the user base
  • Making client dialogue more efficient and available
With Dimelo Communities, we provide our clients with customized, reliable client communities. Our clients can interact, establish a dialogue with us, ask us for advice or contact us in a broad range of possible ways
Armin Herla, Customer Satisfaction Manager

Originally published Oct 18, 2016, updated Sep 24, 2021

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