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What’s Your Impact?

RingCentral’s yearly Impact Report shows employees are passionate about volunteering


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  • RingCentral employees make an impact volunteering with local nonprofits of every kind.
  • In 2021 RingCentral, along with its employees donated $425k+ and volunteered with 400+ nonprofits

2021 Impact Report

Our RingCentral 2021 Impact Report was recently released, and it shows we have a lot to give. In 2021, RingCentral and our employees donated $425k+ and 2,070+ volunteer hours to more than 400 nonprofits. After the impact report was released, we launched a challenge to our employees asking: “What’s YOUR Impact?” We discovered that our employees go above and beyond participation in RingCentral’s official philanthropic program RCause, finding even more ways to volunteer individually. They also shared some of the unique ways they are making an impact with local nonprofits.

What’s Your Impact?

There are plenty of ways to make an impact in the world and effect change. Our employees are passionate about volunteering in their own unique ways. 

Alan McIntosh, Sr. Sales Enablement Manager, says, “My wife and I have LOVED supporting and being ‘belay buddies’ for the amputee and limb difference charity called Finding Your Feet ( Glasgow , UK), which was started by an incredible woman named Corinne Hutton, who due to sepsis during an illness lost both her hands and feet. The charity runs many events, meets, and supports fundraising, etc. We specifically help by taking them indoor climbing– and the rewards are amazing! For most, indoor rock climbing is hard, but imagine doing it with only one of your four limbs! The challenge is what drives many of them. Overcoming fear, achieving personal goals, or for some, getting back to athleticism when they never thought they could is priceless.”

Marie Apocada, Technical Account Manager, The nonprofit I volunteer for and have supported since 2015 is the Lymphatic Education & Research Network (LE&RN). LE&RN is a global non-profit that fights lymphatic diseases through education, research, and advocacy. I have two lymphatic diseases myself, so I wanted others to know that they aren’t alone.”

Environmental Advocacy

Not only do our RingCentral employees care about the people around them, they are also dedicated to environmental conservation and volunteer with nonprofits to restore and conserve natural resources. Software Engineer Emily Frid supports environmental efforts preserving wild public lands, water, and wildlife. “Backcountry Hunters & Anglers works to ensure conservation and restoration of flora and fauna to conserve the natural landscape and treat it as our most precious and scarce resource.” 

Another RingCentral employee wholeheartedly committed to land preservation, Partner Success Manager Alix Moore works with Colorado Fourteeners Initiative which ensures the protection of Colorado’s highest peaks. “My first Fourteeners summit was life-changing, and I want to ensure future generations have the chance at that same experience.”

 Partnerships Accounting Manager Prateek Malik volunteers with One Tree Planted. “Protecting the environment is crucial to our survival and the survival of the planet. One Tree Planted makes it simple for anyone to help the environment by planting trees. They plant one tree for every dollar donated.”

While RingCentral continues our corporate efforts to sponsor and promote charitable events, we are humbled by our individual employees’ initiatives. These are just some of the many examples of the exemplary volunteer efforts of RingCentral employees and we couldn’t be prouder of our growing impact worldwide. 

Originally published Sep 12, 2022

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