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As the leading French Pure Player, La Redoute is a major online retailer present in 26 countries. Apple Business Chat helps them communicate with their customers to provide a responsive and personalized service.

In this video, Amélie Poisson (Customer Marketing and Brands Director) and Marine Vannier (Customer Relationship Project Manager) present La Redoute’s approach to customer relations and the benefits of adopting Apple Business Chat.


A major player in online retail

La Redoute is the leading French player for fashion and home. The company has a turnover of 750 million euros and 90% of its sales are online. Digital has become the heart of its business, with a different and data-driven customer approach.

Since its beginnings, La Redoute has strived to make French-style accessible to all, a chic and casual style, inspired by the art of living of the daily newspaper recognized around the world. To this end, La Redoute creates its own collections by associating with stylists and designers. 60% of La Redoute’s turnover comes from its own brands and the catalog also lists more than 800 external brands.

From wool spinning to the mythical catalog, La Redoute is a leader in e-commerce in the field of home and fashion. Since 1837, La Redoute has been constantly reinventing itself to adapt to the ever-changing societal landscape.

Digital Transformation and Customer Care

La Redoute initiated its digital transformation plan several years ago, which was to switch from a catalog sales model to an e-commerce site. With this in mind, the company adopts innovations to enhance the customer experience, such as voice and visual recognition to find an article in its application. Also with shops in Paris and major cities, La Redoute facilitates the journey of its customers between physical and digital.

For La Redoute, the goal is to take care of its customers as if they were part of their family. The company wants to work according to the needs and expectations of customers, to anticipate their problems. With this in mind, customers are accompanied on digital channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Live Chat, email, and in recent months, Apple Business Chat.

Apple Business Chat: Be where your customers are

La Redoute was one of the first French companies to adopt Apple Business Chat in October 2018. This Apple feature allows customers to contact businesses via the Messages app, from any type of Apple device (iPhone, iPad, Mac…) Conversations can be initiated via a button on the site and in the La Redoute application, for requests related to order tracking, return of parcels, product information, after-sales service.

This feature allows you to adapt to the messaging trend and its many benefits for customers:

On the corporate side, agents can manage multiple conversations simultaneously and respond to messages waiting during periods of low activity, thereby avoiding the peaks of activity that can occur with synchronous channels such as phone calls and voice mail. live chat.

“One of the main advantages of Apple Business Chat for La Redoute is to be able to manage real-time exchanges or delayed messages. Customers do not need to stay connected to get a response. They are notified when the councilor has answered. It is a good alternative to social media. It enables direct exchanges, more human contact, and a closer relationship with our clients.”

Marine Vannier

Project Manager for Customer Services at La Redoute

By leveraging the RingCentral Engage Digital platform, La Redoute has a unique platform to respond to interactions across all digital channels. In this way, the company was able to adopt Apple Business Chat without implementing a new tool, which would have required more time and training of agents.

The benefits of Apple Business Chat include:

La Redoute receives more than 300 requests a day on Apple Business Chat. Two months after its launch, this channel has helped to reduce the escalation of demands and to develop more proximity with customers.

“For us, it is important to be an early adopter. and to test new solutions. It is a very strong solution and the implementation was easy to do. It works very well with the customer. It also confirms that messaging is key in customer care. We have many projects around the revamping of our customer space. So we want to push it strongly.”

Amelie Poisson

Director of Customer Marketing and Brands.

Originally published Apr 01, 2019, updated Apr 18, 2021

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