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Video: Bouygues Telecom’s premium Digital Customer Care

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Since its creation, Bouygues Telecom develops offers to bring digital revolution to everyone. Its strategy is driven by the will to intensify its customers’ digital usages. Its 3500 customer advisers are all held towards the objective of satisfying customers’ needs, by building a human, warm and attuned relationship.

Since 2011, Bouygues Telecom has been working with RingCentral Engage to develop its digital customer care. Emmanuel Gay, Community Customer Care manager, and Leila Faize, Customer adviser, introduce this collaboration’s steps and how this platform helps them optimize their customer care.


The importance of Customer Care for Bouygues Telecom

For a telecom operator, customer care is an essential axis of differentiation and criteria of choice. For Bouygues Telecom it is a historical  and strategic pillar: the operator as alays considered its customer care quality as a priority. This customer culture is concretized by the hashtag “#OurCustomersFirst”, guiding all activities and decisions of the company.

Digital was the opportunity for Bouygues Telecom to showcase its customer care quality and match customers’ expectations for more transparency, interactivity and authenticity.

The development of Digital Customer Care with RingCentral Engage

RingCentral Engage is a long term and trusted partner of Bouygues Telecom, with whom it started and made evolve its digital customer care. First, a peer support community allowed Bouygues Telecom to adapt to customer journey evolutions. To motivate and value contributors, a gamification system has been integrated into the platform.

Bouygues Telecom has also integrated Facebook and Twitter into the platform to answer enquiries from these channels quickly.

On social media, our clients expect us to always answer better and faster.

Emmanuel Gay, Community Customer Care manager at Bouygues Telecom

Bouygues Telecom - vidéo

The platform allows advisers to answer customer enquiries efficiently by centralizing the management of digital channels. Very easy-to-use, the solution keeps the playful and effervescent character of social media. Advisers can treat up to 3 enquiries simultaneously, allowing to optimize their activity. Features such as reply assistant and native integration of channels specificities (for example, Twitter’s character limit) allow advisors to answer more efficiently. Today, these benefits allow Bouygues Telecom to answer within 1 hour on Facebook and Twitter.

We can keep the specificities of Bouygues Telecom’s tone to keep a close relationship with our customers.

Leila Faize,  Customer adviser at Bouygues Telecom

The solution accompanies the operator in its objective to provide the most seamless, simple and enthusiastic possible experience.

A tool meeting the monitoring and piloting challenges

With RingCentral Engage, Bouygues Telecom found a tool oriented towards performance and answering challenges of efficiency, reporting and piloting. It enables a local monitoring as close as possible to the customer service teams. For example, it is possible to monitor the activity in real time and identify the topics of enquiries. Depending on their level of urgency, they can then be prioritized.

Bouygues Telecom - KPIs

The tool also enables a view of global KPIs monitored by directions teams, such as customer satisfaction and average response time.

RingCentral Engage provides a monitoring which can meet the global KPI’s challenges monitored by our Direction team and a a local monitoring at the closest of our customer advisers and team leaders

Emmanuel Gay, Community Customer Care manager at Bouygues Telecom

Originally published Jan 31, 2018, updated Sep 23, 2021

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