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This supply-chain company found a better way to excellent customer service


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In the highly competitive supply chain industry, Veritas Logistics has built a reputation for industry-leading service that has helped the company become a go-to partner for retail and manufacturing clients all over the United States.

This nationwide third-party logistics firm helps its clients manage all the complex details involved in moving inventory from A to B—whether a shipment requires expedited service, a temperature-controlled transportation environment, delicately handling fragile cargo, or any of the dozens of other issues that make every shipment unique.

But coordinating closely with shippers, receivers, and carriers to manage all these details successfully requires a sophisticated and reliable communications solution. And that’s why Veritas chose RingCentral.

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A business that runs on telecommunications

Brian Hastings, Supply Chain Leader for Veritas, points out that his company owes much of its success and rapid growth to consistently providing outstanding client service—which, he adds, requires having the right phone solution.

“We’re offering a high-touch, highly customized service. Every job we take on—whether it’s a brand wanting to ship inventory to several retail stores simultaneously, or a retailer asking for a delivery from its warehouse—begins with a phone call.”

Brian also points out that a key to the company’s outstanding service is accessibility—anytime—which makes having the right telephony solution essential.

“We’re a 24/7 service for our clients, meaning they can contact us anytime with questions or to check on the progress of a delivery. That’s another reason we needed an extremely flexible, reliable, and mobile phone solution—and that’s why we chose RingCentral.”

How Veritas stays accessible to clients: anywhere, anytime

The most significant operational advantage of RingCentral’s cloud communications platform, Brian explains, is the flexibility and mobility it offers—enabling all employees to stay connected to clients, prospects, and carrier partners no matter where they are. 

“If we’re in the office, business calls ring on our desk phones. But if we’re away, those calls ring simultaneously on our RingCentral mobile app, meaning we never need to worry about missing an important client call because someone stepped out of the office.”

Here are the two major ways RingCentral helped Veritas take their customer experience to the next level.

Change the customer service game with business texting (SMS)

As Brian also notes, Veritas is leveraging several communication tools built into the RingCentral cloud platform to improve operations. One example is the ability to send and receive SMS texts through the RingCentral desktop and mobile apps.

“RingCentral’s SMS texting feature is fantastic,” Brian says. “If I want to send a quick update to one of our drivers, the app lets me send that text from my business number. That’s such an easy, timesaving way to stay connected with our carriers throughout the shipment process—because we don’t need to call them with every question or for every new status update.”

The company is also streamlining its daily workflows using RingCentral’s Bulk SMS tool. This built-in service lets Brian quickly draft one text message and send it separately as individual messages to multiple recipients.


As Brian explains: “The Bulk SMS makes it so much faster and easier to find a carrier for a new job. Let’s say I have a shipment order from Dallas going to Sacramento. I’ll go into my database, pull up 10 drivers in that region, draft one SMS message with the shipment details, and then I can send it to all 10—individually—at the same time. That might take me a couple of minutes, whereas having 10 one-on-one calls with those drivers could take me a half-hour or more.”

Reduce hassles with digital fax

Finally, Brian notes, one antiquated communication technology that’s still required in the transportation industry is faxing. For whatever reason, some companies prefer sending and receiving paperwork via fax—authorizations, bills of lading, proofs of delivery, contracts, etc. But because they have RingCentral, Veritas doesn’t need to maintain an analog desktop fax machine to do business with these companies—something Brian truly appreciates.

“If we need to send shipping paperwork to a driver, and they’re in an area where they can’t get email, we can use the app to send it to them by fax, which they can receive on a small printer in the truck. This doesn’t come up often. But it happens enough that if we had to use a fax machine every time, it would be a huge pain. This way, it’s just like sending an email, and we can do it even if we’re not at the office.”

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Originally published Mar 03, 2022, updated Dec 30, 2022

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