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UCaaS and CCaaS: The dynamic duo that transforms your customer and employee experiences


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Businesses of all sizes are increasingly interested in integrating their UCaaS and CCaaS offerings to ensure a better experience for both customers and employees. Here’s how UCaaS and CCaaS together can boost your customer and agent experiences.

RingCentral for healthcare payers
Learn how RingCentral can help elevate your customer experiences

New problems for contact centers to solve

Customer behaviors continue to evolve at an increasingly rapid pace, fueling changes in customer experiences, demands, and expectations. Some experts believe that customer experiences will change more over the next few years than they have over the past decade.

Right now, technology innovation and adoption cycles are accelerating and advancing at warp speed, driving the ongoing development of new consumer expectations.

Companies have had to make significant changes to their operations, which have had a ripple effect right down to agent and customer experiences. For starters, teams have become a hybrid mix of on-premise employees and remote workers. This has created siloed contact center teams and brought about new challenges to overcome. Hybrid teams can feel more isolated and have less camaraderie than teams that are all in one centralized location. In some cases, teamwork can suffer as a result. Counteracting that effect requires contact center supervisors to proactively foster clear and effective anytime, anywhere collaboration.

Agent training has also become more difficult, particularly in terms of training remote workers. Both agents and contact center management have relied heavily on video communications as a result and will continue to use video as a staple in communication channels.

Customer experience systems must be integrated with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems for accurate customer analytics and to appropriately address customer needs.

Ultimately, challenges with siloed contact centers and unified communications are amplified.

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UCaaS and CCaaS: delivering experiences customers want

Contact centers should take steps to bridge customer and employee communication gaps and meet customers where they are–on the channels they’re currently using. This can be accomplished using the powerful combination of unified communications as a service (UCaaS) and contact center as a service (CCaaS) solutions.

To ensure positive customer and agent experiences, organizations should be outfitted with technologies that allow for optimal collaboration among team players to answer customer queries and resolve their issues in a timely and efficient manner. The best way to do this is to ensure that companies are equipped with well-integrated UCaaS and CCaaS solutions.

With RingCentral’s digital solutions, agent communications can be improved with the following:

  • Team messaging. Agents will have access to robust messaging capabilities that make it easier to share files, assign tasks, and collaborate with all team members and customers.
  • Native HD video. RingCentral’s video offerings simplify coaching and training, either 1:1 or in groups, as well as team building via virtual Happy Hours and more.
  • Global directory with presence synchronizations: RingCentral’s global directory allows agents to identify the right subject matter expert to assist them at any given time. Experts can be conferenced in or agents can transfer calls to them as needed.

At the same time, the right technology can enhance customer communications with the following:

  • RingCentral Contact Center solutions. Optimize your workforce, ensure compliance, offer IVR self-service options, and implement omni-channel routing.
  • Engage Voice. Provide your agents with lists and campaign management tools, proactive dialers, and actionable analytics.
  • Engage Digital. Simplify things with a single platform that manages all digital interactions with customers, including SMS, live chat, chatbots, social media, and more.

With CCaaS and UCaaS combined through RingCentral’s innovative technologies, analysts are seeing amazing results:

  • 54% increase in revenue, versus 26% when bought separately
  • 37% increase in CSAT, versus 29% when bought separately
  • 22% reduction in cost
  • 8.5% improvement in First Call Resolution (FCR), versus 3% when bought separately

Case study: ENT and Allergy

RingCentral’s case study success stories are plentiful and growing. One excellent example of how RingCentral’s merging of UCaaS and CCaaS works wonders is with ENT and Allergy.

ENT and Allergy Associates, the ear, nose, and throat specialist services, recently implemented RingCentral Contact Center to offer superb patient experience in the following ways:

  • Implement skills-based routing to the appropriate agents to create teams dedicated to answering calls for specific regions.
  • Adopt team messaging as a real-time help desk for agents with queries while on a call with patients.
  • Use RingCentral Video to train agents and participate in virtual happy hours to include remote workers to build rapport and teamwork.

ENT and Allergy was able to fully migrate from an on-prem solution to RingCentral’s cloud-based platform within seven short days and ultimately experienced a significant 30% reduction in call time with 40,000 inquiries handled every week.

Find out what RingCentral can help elevate your customer experiences.

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Originally published Jun 07, 2022, updated Jan 07, 2024

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