As a small mental health private practice in Spokane, Washington, Trauma Informed Therapies sees hundreds of clients every year who experience anxiety, PTSD, eating disorders, and more. 

Client confidentiality and data security are always important in healthcare, and it’s no different in mental health practices. So, when Trauma Informed Therapies was looking for a phone system, having a secure communications channel was a top priority.

We chatted with Tierra, Trauma Informed Therapies’ Clinician and Director of Communications, about the unique needs a mental health practice has when it comes to communications.

And with so many clients, the team needed a low-maintenance tool that allowed them to devote their full attention to the conversations that are happening—they needed something that wasn’t demanding to learn and that just worked.

“RingCentral’s interface is so easy to use—it lets me customize my settings so they’re as unique as my work as a therapist,” says Tierra.


Keeping it secret, keeping it safe

From the first phone call their clients make to the office, to every call after that, it was essential for the therapists to know that they didn’t have to worry about the technical side of communicating with their clients.

“RingCentral helps me communicate with my clients in a way that’s confidential and secure,” says Cathy, a therapist at Trauma Informed Therapies. “They have access to my personal line and can leave messages for me there without having access to my personal phone—which helps keep my information secure.”


One office manager, multiple calls, no problem

“When I’m on the phone with, say, the insurance company and another call is coming in, RingCentral will answer that other call for me,” says Lori, the team’s office manager.

RingCentral features

For example, RingCentral lets you set up other numbers for calls to flip to in case someone is busy and needs a teammate to cover for them.


That way, Lori doesn’t need to place her caller on hold, and it lets the new caller leave a voice message that goes directly to her or anyone else so they can return the call. 

RingCentral screening, greeting and hold music

RingCentral makes it easy to set up on-hold greetings and music so that even a small office can gracefully handle multiple calls at once.


Basically, RingCentral lets Lori take uninterrupted business calls while still giving clients a way to communicate with the staff. “RingCentral works great as a backup receptionist!” 

So, does RingCentral pass the test?

“RingCentral is a connector, protector, and holder of valuable information,” says Tierra. “It keeps us all in the business of helping change lives, one session at a time.”

Thanks, Trauma Informed Therapies. We love stories from customers that are doing such important and needed work.

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