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Top CX innovations at RingCentral: Summer 2023

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Customer experience is critical to business success today. Companies that are doing it well in 2023 know one thing for sure: technology can be a huge help. Streamlined workflows and deeper insights also mean less stress for your whole CX team. And when it comes to delivering top-notch experiences in an increasingly expensive world, technology is the only way to keep customers delighted.

That’s why RingCentral’s customer experience solutions continue to expand, and this summer is no exception! Here are seven of the top customer experience innovations for Summer 2023 for better customer and workforce experiences:

  1. AI-powered Call Routing
  2. Bullseye Routing
  3. Studio Actions for Digital
  4. Streamlined Call Handling
  5. AI-driven Conversation Summaries
  6. Bot Insights
  7. Multi-region Storage for GDPR Compliance

1. AI-powered call routing

Customers grow increasingly frustrated when they feel they are not talking to the right person to resolve their issue. Poor call routing from customers to agents lead to delays in call resolution, mishandling of customer requests, and suboptimal customer experiences. 

AI-powered call routing solves these problems by automatically finding the best match between customer and agent. It uses data to find patterns and predict the best outcome, personalizing every customer interaction with the perfect agent pairing.

2. Bullseye routing

Bullseye routing ensures precise, quick handling of customer interactions by expanding the agent pool based on proficiency and attribute. If the ideal agent is not available, the customer is routed to the next most qualified agent, based on the configured wait-time, and so on.

Example: If a customer calls his insurance about an auto accident in Florida, he would ideally be routed to an agent with expertise in collision damage in Florida. But if the agent is busy, the call would be routed to the next best agent, who has knowledge of auto policies in Florida (but not of collision damage).

3. Studio actions for digital

No contact center manager or administrator wants to deal with manual and complex routing for digital channels. With this in mind, we’ve added new Studio actions for digital, where you can build consistent routing and integrations for digital channels faster by using the familiar interface you already use for voice routing. Visual workflows and pre-defined components allow for easy understanding of scripts and fast deployment.

Additionally, Studio scripts now support the full lifecycle of digital contacts and will sleep and wake as necessary throughout the duration of the interaction. 

Example: Easily push key elements of customer data into CRM solutions at the end of a digital interaction with previously-utilized studio actions—no coding needed! 

4. Streamlined call handling

On average, it takes a worker 23 minutes to regain focus after a significant interruption. In contact centers, multiple devices may ring simultaneously when a call is received. This distracts and frustrates agents, making them less productive. Minimizing distractions like these is important for keeping agents focused on their tasks.

Streamlined call handling within Engage prevents overlapping rings on multiple endpoints for incoming calls, ensuring that the agent receives the call only within the Engage agent interface.

5. AI-driven conversation summaries

Summarizing customer interactions after a call is important for continuity. But doing this manually  extends post-contact work and eats up time and energy that could be spent on higher value tasks.

AI-driven conversation summaries automatically generate a summary of each conversation. These summaries are attached to the customer profile, so that they will appear in the customer’s conversation history for later review. This reduces up-front information gathering in future calls by presenting the next agent with previous call summaries.

Engage now integrates with Azure OpenAI APIs (generative AI) to automatically generate conversation summaries for our customers. 

6. Bot insights

Just providing your customers with a smart bot is not enough. Businesses have to continue to monitor their bots to make sure they are facilitating a great self-serve experience. 

Bot insights give you real-time information about how customers are interacting with your bots. This includes quantifiable real-world data, such as the frequency of abandoned or escalated conversations. These insights help you to constantly correct, fine-tune,  and improve your bots’ performance to ensure optimal self-serve journeys.

Bot insights are presented as visualizations for ease of understanding. Some examples include:

  • Number of inbound, outbound, and misunderstood messages
  • Customer intent journeys
  • Top 15 intents
  • Customer engagement rates

7. Multi-region storage for GDPR compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, is a significant piece of data protection regulation from the EU. It is essential that companies operating in the EU remain compliant with it. Failure to do so could lead to government fines, customer concerns, or data breaches.

It doesn’t matter if your company is located in the EU. In fact, nearly 8 out of 10 US companies have taken steps to comply with GDPR. Fines for not doing so can be steep–for example, Marriott International was fined over $18 million for its failure to comply.

Thanks to multi-region storage, you can now easily meet compliance requirements across different regions across the globe where your agents work. This feature allows you to set up granular rules on how files are stored in each region. Automatic filters enable file storage, based on agent, ACD skill, or teams, to map these with the proper AWS region.

For example: A customer calling after 6 pm US ET could be routed to an agent in Sydney. This recording will be stored in Sydney, per multi-region storage rules, for compliance. But if the same customer calls the next day at 1 am US ET, the interaction might go to an agent in Germany, and the recording will be stored in Germany.

Choose RingCentral for optimized customer experiences

According to PWC, 32% of all customers would stop doing business with a brand they loved after just one bad experience–so keeping up with innovation is inherent to providing the type of experiences customers demand. 

The RingCentral Customer Experience portfolio is one of the most advanced communications systems available. It continues to incorporate new features like these to support contact center agents in their efforts to serve customers. Empower your agents and boost productivity and call effectiveness by taking advantage of our recent innovations.

Get started by requesting a demo!

Originally published Sep 06, 2023, updated Jun 20, 2024

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