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Top 5 Business Telecommunications Pet Peeves


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Headaches You’re in the office peacefully trying to work, but that unanswered, ringing phone is stopping you. Do you calmly shut the noise out? Grind your teeth and try and relax? Or, do you march over to the ringing phone and pick it up, annoyed at the interruption? Perhaps, this is the office telecommunications ‘issue’ that bothers you the most, or maybe it’s a call getting transferred to you, and then getting lost in the system that irks you more.

YouGov, on behalf of RingCentral recently surveyed over 1,000 British companies to find out what telecommunications issues they found to be very annoying. Based on the results, here are the top five most troublesome telecommunications issues:

 1)    Do I know you?! The most bothersome telecommunications issue is receiving cold calls—nearly three quarters (71%) of British businesses find cold calls irritating.

2)    Is anybody there?! The second most vexatious telecommunications issue, for 34% of businesses, was unanswered phones ringing constantly or not being picked up.

3)    Lost…again?! Out of the British companies surveyed, 27% cited calls being lost through the receptionist or internal transfer as being very cumbersome.

4)    Time-stretched businesses have no time for rambling talk, as 24% surveyed said they found long voice messages to be very unpleasant.

5)    What’s that, I can’t hear you?! For one fifth of British businesses (20%), people putting phone calls on loud speaker is aggravating to listen to.

Did your most bothersome telecommunications issue not appear in the top five? Perhaps like 18% of businesses, you find difficulty in accessing voicemails to be unpleasant, or like 17% of businesses, public conference calls irritate you.

If your biggest telecommunications pet peeve hasn’t appeared in this list, why don’t you contact RingCentral to see if it’s an issue we can help you to solve? Also, we’re relieved to say, that the RingCentral Office™ solution can help to solve all of these annoying telecommunications issues.

Originally published Oct 14, 2014, updated Aug 12, 2020

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