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Powerful Ways Infographics Can Impact B2B Discoverability


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Infographics are gaining popularity and momentum in our technological age. Using familiar icons and images, infographics convey a complex concept or explain a detailed relationship. If you think about it, infographics have actually been around for thousands of years dating back to cave paintings and primitive maps.

One of the reasons for the success of the infographic is that it can take a mountain of information and turn it into a more appealing and smaller set of graphics. This caters to shorter attention spans in the digital age.

You may have just recently started noticing infographics online, but they have been in plain sight in our everyday lives for decades. They can be found, just to name a few, on television news programs, traffic signs, public transit systems and financial reports. Infographics can be quite a powerful social media tool.


Going Social

B2Bs can use this efficient tool to boost online exposure in a variety of ways. Most obvious is through the use of social media sites, particularly LinkedIn and Google+. But aside from a simple post on a site like Facebook, Pinterest might be a more effective platform for this type of graphic. Pinterest is geared towards sharing photos and images and is a more appropriate way to share infographics then on Facebook. Even though Facebook has more users overall, it is important to post your infographic on the right social media site to gain the most relevant exposure.

But don’t stop at pinning it up on your Pinterest board, don’t forget all the other platforms available for posting besides the big three: Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest. There is also:

  • Google+
  • Tumblr
  • Slideshare
  • Reddit
  • StumbledUpon
  • Sharebloc
  • Pheed

You can also host them comfortably on your website or blog. Now that your infographic is out there in the virtual world, how can you get even more exposure and discoverability for your graphic gem?

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Monitor and Engage

As with any other interaction on social media, you can’t simply post something and expect a response. You will need to monitor posts and engage your potential viewers. You can do this by:

  • Finding a relevant LinkedIn group and discussing your graphic.
  • Submitting it to other businesses for their own content marketing
  • Holding a contest for users to share it on their blogs and social media platforms
  • Making it easy to share or embed your infographic and link back to your website

Infographic How-To Section

There are tips, trick and tutorials available online to ensure that your infographic is effective, but here are some things that successful graphics have in common:

  • A distinct beginning, middle and end.
  • Relevance to the audience
  • Quickly explains complex or quantitative data better than simple text
  • A connection with clients’ problems or issues in some way
  • Addresses weaknesses or shortcomings in the industry that must be overcome

Infographics are so successful because people learn better through visuals than they do from reading. With this powerful graphic in your B2B toolbox, you will be able to build a bigger clientele.

Share some of your favorite business infographics below!

Originally published Oct 21, 2014, updated Jul 20, 2021

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