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This global agricultural leader keeps its international employees connected and mobile with RingCentral


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  • Global communications: RingCentral’s global capabilities allow Corteva Agriscience to support locations around the world and easily spin up new offices.
  • Added mobility: RingCentral’s softphone and mobile apps enable employees to stay connected and productive whether they’re in the office, at home, or on the road.
  • Predictable expenses: Paying a fixed fee for RingCentral licenses—without varying international roaming charges each month—creates a phone bill with no surprises.

Helping to feed the world

With a two-century track record of agricultural and scientific achievements, Corteva Agriscience today helps millions of farmers around the world grow the crops that feed hundreds of millions of people every year.

With thousands of patents, dozens of proprietary seed crops, and more than 150 R&D facilities worldwide developing innovative agricultural solutions, Corteva is making a major contribution to increasing and enriching the world’s food supply.

Corteva Agriscience uses RingCentral to connect employees around the world—and reduce telecom costs.

A global organization needed a global telephony partner

In addition to more than 100 production and manufacturing facilities, Corteva’s global presence includes administrative offices around the world, including many throughout Europe.

Agnes Tordai, Head of IT and Telecom for Corteva’s EMEA Region, points out that the company wanted to unite its employees worldwide on a shared, global telephony platform. When Agnes’s team investigated cloud providers, though, they realized that very few could support Corteva’s telephony needs in every region where it had a presence.

“We actually had another cloud solution for some of our larger offices,” Agnes says. “But neither that provider nor any of the other companies we researched were capable of rolling out cloud telephony for all our European locations right away—except for RingCentral.”

RingCentral’s Enterprise Support team makes implementation hassle-free

As Agnes’s team began implementing RingCentral at the company’s European locations—Italy, Belgium, France, and Denmark, among others—they encountered surprisingly few problems or setbacks. Some of the credit goes to RingCentral’s intuitive admin platform, Agnes notes, which made it easy to set up employees with RingCentral capabilities on their laptops and mobile phones.

But she also credits RingCentral’s Enterprise Support team, which she says made the implementations even easier. “With an IT migration like this, especially when it involves multiple countries, you brace yourself for inevitable challenges and frustrations. But I have to say that RingCentral’s Enterprise Support made the transition painless. They were helpful, efficient, and super-responsive.”

Improving workflows across the company with RingCentral

Corteva’s European teams are enjoying several operational improvements thanks to 

RingCentral, Agnes explains.

“We really appreciate the mobility RingCentral gives our employees. Empowering our people with the tools to stay connected from anywhere was already a priority, but COVID accelerated the need for those capabilities. One of the best things about RingCentral is that our staff doesn’t need an office to use their business lines anymore. Wherever they are, whatever device they have, they can have those business calls with coworkers, customers, and partners.”

The company’s Europe-based employees are so pleased with their newfound mobility, in fact, that they no longer even feel the need to keep the physical phones in their offices.

As Agnes points out, “We asked our employees across Europe: After COVID, when you return to the office, will you still want your desk phone? 80% said we can remove those phones permanently—because now, with RingCentral, they can use their business number on their laptop and mobile phone.”

Migrating to RingCentral has also helped Corteva control its telephony costs and keep the company’s phone-related expenses much more predictable than before. “We don’t have to factor in roaming charges or additional fees for going over our minutes,” Agnes notes. “RingCentral is much more cost-effective because we pay a fixed amount for licenses—and that’s it. No phone-bill surprises.” 

Supporting the company’s global growth plans

Finally, Agnes explains, RingCentral’s worldwide telephony capabilities and expertise are also making it easier for the steadily growing organization to scale.

“Rather than continuously updating our agreements with local or regional carriers whenever we bring on new employees or spin up a new location, now Corteva can simply add licenses to our global RingCentral account and activate those numbers right away. That’s definitely going to support our growth over time.”

Originally published Jun 08, 2022

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