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The RingCentral Advantage: World-class support—for free

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When they switched to RingCentral’s cloud phone solution, the financial services representatives of Steve Rice & Associates weren’t thinking about getting better tech support. They had bigger concerns. 

Their on-premises phone server was difficult to manage, lacked basic features they needed (like advanced call routing), and didn’t allow them to take and make business calls from anywhere other than their desks.

To be fair, the IT company that the firm hired to support their phone infrastructure was actually pretty good. But they weren’t always accessible right away when there was a problem—and there were a lot of problems. 

Plus, every time the firm put in a request to fix something or make a change to the system, the consultants charged a (very) high hourly rate to do the work.

Meanwhile, Steve Rice & Associates was building a reputation as a world-class firm—the type of financial representatives who are always there for their clients. The thing is, they’re a forward-thinking bunch too. They didn’t want to be at their desks from 9 to 5 every single day. 

So, how could they stay accessible to their clients and maintain that reputation? 

They needed a communications system that was also world-class. That’s what the firm was hoping for—and what they got.

An all-you-can-ask buffet

When the firm rolled out RingCentral across the firm, people were stunned.

RingCentral’s team didn’t act like a vendor. It acted like a true partner.

“I had so many questions during the implementation,” recalls Xander Rice, a partner and financial services representative with the firm. “Not because setting up the system was difficult—it wasn’t. I just wanted to know everything it was capable of. The implementation team walked us through the system, took the time to answer all of my questions about features and settings, and encouraged us to keep asking those questions.”

It was an all-you-can-ask buffet—and it was free.

It was obvious to me from those implementation discussions that RingCentral wanted our firm to get as much value from their system as we could.

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Expert support whenever, wherever 

Once Steve Rice & Associates rolled out RingCentral to all of its employees, everyone soon had access to a full-featured business phone system on their phones, computers, and tablets—just by downloading an app.

It was at this point that Xander realized: When the implementation team had encouraged him to contact RingCentral Support as often as he wanted with questions or for guidance, that wasn’t just talk. 

The whole RingCentral team has been fantastic,” he says. “When I call to ask about a feature, or an integration, or anything, the support team seems genuinely happy to help.

Of course, a world-class support team needs more than a positive attitude, and Xander has also found RingCentral’s support professionals to be experts at quickly getting him the answers he needs. “I don’t think we’ve ever had a question or issue we didn’t get resolved within a few hours at most.”

“That’s something we definitely weren’t expecting”

And the best thing? 

The tech support that Xander and his team have been receiving from RingCentral—which is better than the service they’d had from their previous IT consultants—is included in the cost of their RingCentral phone service.

“We have access to an outstanding support team whenever we need them… and there’s no extra charge for it,” he says. “That’s something we definitely weren’t expecting, and it’s making a real contribution to our bottom line.”

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Originally published Mar 01, 2021, updated Jan 30, 2023

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